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Additional expenses

Arriving in Russia, you will have additional expenses in addition to the basic costs of education and accommodation. For the first time it is better to have about $ 300 with you for additional expenses: furnishing an apartment or a hostel (purchasing dishes, bedding, detergents), buying some textbooks. This is an approximate amount and it all depends on your needs.

Expect your additional expenses to include the following:

Medical insurance (3000 ; 3500 rubles per year). About medical insurance can be asked by e-mail

On average, you will spend at least 13 thousand rubles per month on:

Food (from 10,000 rubles per month),

Mobile communications (from 300 rubles per month),

Transport (from 2,500 rubles per month),

Dactylography and medical examination (from 9,200 rubles) - more importants details read in this document NOTIFICATION_Уведомление.docx

 As for bank cards for student scholarships, they are issued by universities. If you need to get an additional bank card, you can issue and receive it at any bank branch. To apply for a card, you must submit an application for opening at a bank branch and provide the required documents. Usually, to issue a card, a foreign citizen will need:

1. Passport of a foreign citizen or other document that is an identity card;

2. Notarized translation of the document into Russian;

3. Migration card, registration (notice of registration), residence permit (if any).