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Due to the enactment of Federal Law No. 274-FZ of 01.07.2021, "On Amendments to Federal Laws "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation" and "On State Fingerprint Registration in the Russian Federation", foreign citizens who enter the Russian Federation after December 29, 2021 and stay for more than 90 days must undergo Mandatory Fingerprint Registration (Dactylography), Photographing and Medical Examinations in special medical institutions.

Based on above, you need to pass following within 90 days from the moment of arrival in the Russian Federation:

1. Medical examination at the following address: N31, Taganrogskaya St., Rostov-on-Don (entrance from 32 Tashkentskaya St.)

Work schedule: Tuesday, Thursday from 7:00 am to 12:00 am (2 times a week). This type of procedure is carried out at the personal expense of a foreign citizen. The cost of the procedure is determined by a special medical institution in which the examination will take place.

The medical examination is carried out annually within a month after the previous medical examination.

2. Fingerprint Registration (Dactylography) it is carried out at the place of temporary registration.

List of documents required for the procedures:

1. Passport of a foreign citizen (original and copy of 1st page);

2. A notarized translation of all passport pages (including blank ones) - the original with the notary's "blue" stamp.

3. Application for fingerprinting process (Dactylography)

4. Migration card

5. Temporary registration

6. Color photo 3*4 on a white background without a corner, a copy of the photo in format jpeg.

7. Results of medical examination (original and copies of all pages from the both sides).

Refusal to pass these procedures within 90 days entails a reduction in the duration of your temporary stay in the Russian Federation. Violation of the migration legislation is the basis for termination of the contract for the provision of educational services.

Upon arrival at the Russian Federation and university, a foreign student must report to the Department for Work with Foreign Students: 21 Zorge Street, dormitory 9 "B", room 111 to sign a notification and receive an application for fingerprinting.

For any questions, please contact the International Students Assistance Center: Stepanova Elena Anatolyevna, dormitory 9 "B" office 111 (21 Zorge St.), e-mail, Teams: