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Research Centers for Collective Usage


The Southern Federal University has the essential elements of the research infrastructure - the Centers for Collective Usage possessing the unique equipment.

The Centers for Collective Usage are the effective tools for:

  • improving access to the unique scientific equipment for the Russian researchers;
  • creation of the proper conditions for training scientific and teaching personnel and remaining youth in the scientific, educational and high technology sphere;
  • preserving continuity in science and education;
  • carrying out the major scientific and technical projects in the Russian universities and scientific organizations.

Nowadays there are 15 successful Centers for Collective Usage at SFedU:

  1. Molecular Spectroscopy
  2. Biotechnology, Biomedicine and Environmental Monitoring
  3. Nanotechnologies
  4. Microsystems Engineering and Integrated Sensing Technology
  5. High Performance Computing
  6. Aeronautical Engineering and Technology
  7. Electromagnetic, Electromechanical and Thermal Characteristics of Solids
  8. Mineral Resources and Environmental Conditions Research Center
  9. Building Innovation
  10. Integrated Marine Research Center
  11. Nanoscale Substance Structure
  12. High Technology
  13. Modern Microscopy
  14. Applied Classical Electromagnetism and Antenna Measurements
  15. The Southern Center of Modern Spectroscopy

Today, there are 80 science laboratories included into the structure of 15 Centers for Collective Usage located in Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog. The base cost of equipment is over 1 billion rubles.

According to the strategic goals of the development of the Southern Federal District and accumulated infrastructural, scientific, educational and workforce capacity, the Centers are developing in the following priority areas:

  • Nanomaterials, nanotechnology, the devices and systems on its basis;
  • Biotechnology, living systems technology, environmental security;
  • Information and telecommunication technology, devices and systems;
  • Marine, aviation, rocket, space, radio technology, robotics and control systems.

The mentioned priority areas are important for creation the conditions for modernization of the training system, the high-level research projects, developing the scientific capability of the Southern Federal University.

The principle of shared access underlies the Centers work, so not only SFedU students and staff are allowed to use the equipment, but all other researchers too (in case of abiding the general rules of the Centers).

One of the most important goals of the Centers is to train professionals, who using the modern unique equipment will do the latest developments, conduct the effective research projects and create the innovative product.