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The University is one of the leading research centres in Russia. It creates the right conditions for research, both applied and basic, supports all disciplines, from the humanities to sciences and natural sciences.

The development of scientific and innovative potential of the university is carried out in various research areas, which correspond to priority trends in science and technology. SFedU stands out from among Russian higher education institutions also due to the highest number of grants awarded.

The university comprises a number of actively developing scientific schools conducting interdisciplinary research in a wide range of areas - natural sciences, engineering and humanities. The most important factors facilitating the growth of competitiveness will be further intensification of research in those subject areas, where SFedU already excels (the study of the local atomic structure of matter, synthetic chemistry, high-performance systems and methods of data analysis); consistent increase in the amount of research (biomedicine, decision-making, smart control systems); development of multi-disciplinary projects; knowledge convergence as the basis for generation of new ideas and emergence of new research areas.

SFedU conducts breakthrough research in the following fields: artificial intelligence, smart control systems, neuromorphic technologies, biomedicine; photonic, quantum, and molecular computing; additive manufacturing; radio physics, space physics.

The University carries out fundamental and applied research in five broad research areas:

- Robotics, control systems, navigation and communications;
- Information Technologies. Nanotechnologies, Smart Materials;
- Medicine of the Future, Biotechnologies;
- Innovation Ecosystem of Azov and Black Sea Basin;
- Geopolitics, Geoeconomics and Social and Economic Development Projects of the South of Russia, Caucasus.

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