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Research Infrastructure


All SFedU faculties and institutes are involved in research, but the peculiarity lies in the fact that the university has quite a number of divisions specializing in R&D: Research Institutes, labaratories and Innovation and Technological Centers (dealing with nanotechnologies, bioengineering, mathematical modelling, etc.): 

- the international research center Smart Materials Research Institute
- the Russian-French laboratory The Transformation of Polluting Agents in Aqua Ecosystems and Their Vulnerability Assessment 
- the interdisciplinary laboratory Synthesis and Diagnostics of Quantum Nanostructures
- the Experimental Mutagenesis Laboratory
- the basic research laboratory of nano-biotechnologies and new materials SFEDU-CJSC “Nanotechnologies MDT" are based at SFedU. 

SFedU Botanical Gardens boast their vast collection of rare plants and are at the same time a wonderful recreational area. One more achivement is the well-developed network of Shared Research Facilities, which are well-resourced with up-to-date laboratory equipment and are available to even those students and researchers who study and work at universities other than SFedU.

To keep in line with the commercialization trends, SFedU inspires various "spin-outs" and "technostarters". SFedU hosts several business incubators and has launched a number of science parks embracing many small enterprises involved in the manufacturing of medical equipment, energy saving systems, industrial electronics, software, telecommunications equipment, navigation equipment, corrosion inhibitors, lubricants, piezoelectric devices, etc.

Southern Federal University has essential elements of research infrastructure - shared research centers possessing a unique equipment.

Shared research centers include various research laboratories situated in Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog.