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Mission of our University is the development of research, education and innovation space of Southern Federal District, based on the generation and transfer of scientific knowledge and technologies, conservation and enhancement of cultural traditions and values.

Strategic objective of the university is active participation in the production of new knowledge and its dissemination and use through research, education and innovation, accumulation and augmentation of moral and cultural values of the society, formation of large-scale inter-regional, national and international center of education, science and culture, as well as becoming one of the leading universities in the world.

To achieve strategic objective, the following tasks are set, they need to be addressed in the implementation of the development program:

- training of highly qualified specialists and academic staff in accordance with the needs of different economy sectors of Southern Federal District and the country as a whole;
- development and implementation of high-demand interdisciplinary educational programs;
- ensuring continuous adaptation of training programs to the needs of business and society;
- basic and applied world-class research, based on the convergence of science, the production of innovative products;
- the formation of university-based innovation system kernel of Southern Federal District through cooperation with major Russian and foreign high-tech companies within the technology platforms and innovation clusters, network science, innovation and information infrastructure, network of centers sharing unique scientific equipment and other centers;
- creating conditions for the fullest implementation of personal and professional potential of University staff and students;
- increasing financial and economic stability of the university;
- accumulation and augmentation of multicultural and multi-ethnic traditions and values.

Based on the strategic objectives of development of Southern Federal District and accumulated infrastructure, research, education and human capacity, the following priority directions of scientific and educational activities of the university are defined:

- "intellectual" materials, photonics, nano-materials, nano-technologies, devices and systems based on them;
- biotechnology, biomedicine, technologies of living systems, ecological safety;
- information and telecommunication technologies, devices and systems;
- marine, aviation and space-rocket engineering, robotics, radio engineering, automation and control;
- architectural and artistic creativity, design, restoration, modernization and creation of objects of urban planning, architecture, design and art;
- humanities technologies and models of human capital development and socio-economic communities in multiethnic Russia;
- development of innovative potential of the university associated with the formation and development of innovation and technology clusters in Southern Federal District within the aforementioned areas.