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Urban interior and master planning

Master's Degree, Academy of Architecture and Arts

07.04.03 Design of Architectural Environment

Program length: 2 years

Language of study: Russian

Place of study: Rostov-on-Don

Purpose of this educational program:

Urban planning is the process of developing and designing urban areas to meet the needs of a community. The practice draws from a number of disciplines;architecture, engineering, economics, sociology, public health, finance, and more;and strives to prepare cities and towns for the future.

We teach specialists in the field of landscaping, urban design, landscape architecture, subject design, administration staff working in the field of architecture and landscaping. All graduates of this field will be able to perform diverse tasks related to urban interior (exterior and interior design), develop and maintain documents of a strategic and coordinating nature (master plan, design code, architectural and urban appearance)

Core curriculum


Specialized subjects

  • Scientific research design
  • Computer technology
  • Professionally oriented translation
  • Modeling of environmental spaces
  • Pre-design and project analysis
  • Data analysis in humanities research
  • Modern engineering equipment
  • Design of architectural environment equipment
  • Expertise of design solutions in the development of environmental facilities


Advantages of this study program:

  • During educational process you will learn how to conduct research on the topic of design, form an environmental project and perform it based on the rules of development and land use of the city. You will learn how to carry out a team project, develop urban interior equipment, prepare documentation for major repairs; assemble a master plan of the city and carry out a project of architectural and urban appearance.
  • Urban planners help us look at the ways we can improve our neighborhoods, preserving some of the past while keeping an eye open for future improvements.
  • The field of professional activity: architecture, design, geodesy, topography and design (in the fields of: architectural design; research work in the field of architecture; concepts of creative activity; expert activity; architectural criticism; social communications). Moreover, graduates can continue their studies at PhD program.

Prospects. Career & Employment

Graduates of the urban planning program pursue career opportunities with private planning firms and governmental planning agencies, mainly at the city level, but also with county, state and federal entities. Some planners elect to pursue graduate degrees to develop specialty skills and enhance their opportunities for career advancement.

The urban planning degree, especially when combined with a focus on geographic information science, gives graduates an advantage in careers that combine urban planning with GIS and in other jobs dealing with urban issues, including:

  • comprehensive and long-range planning
  • economic development planning
  • housing issues
  • planning law
  • public participation in the planning process
  • socioeconomic and environmental analyses
  • sustainable planning
  • transportation

Our graduates can work as: Commercial Real Estate Associate, Environmental Restoration Planner, Opportunity Officer (EEO Officer), Forester, Landscape Architect , Real Estate Broker, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Transportation Planner, Urban Planner, etc.