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Раджпут Вишну Даял

Академия биологии и биотехнологии им. Д.И. Ивановского - Ведущий научный сотрудник

пр. Стачки, 194/1, к. 106

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Степень: Кандидат наук

Дата начала общего стажа: 21.03.2016

Стаж по специальности (в годах): 14

Дополнительная информация:

Dr. Vishnu D. Rajput is working as a Leading Researcher at Sothern Federal University, Russia. His ongoing research is based on soil contaminations, i.e, potentially toxic elements, and metallic nanoparticles, and investigating the bioaccumulation, bio/geo-transformations, uptake, translocation, and toxic effects of metallic nanoparticles on plant physiology, morphology, anatomy, the ultrastructure of cellular and subcellular organelles, cytomorphometric modifications, and DNA damage. 

He comprehensively detailed the state of research in environmental science in regard to “how nanoparticles/heavy metals interact with plants, soil, microbial community, and the larger environment. He has published (total of 276 scientific publications) 155 peer-reviewed highly rated full-length articles, 14 books, 5chapters (Scopus indexed), 29 conference articles. He is an internationally recognized reviewer (peer-reviewed 170 manuscripts for internationally reputed journals) and received an outstanding reviewing certificate by Elsevier & Springer. 

He is an editorial board member of various high-impacted journals. He received “certificate for appreciation 2019" 2021, “Certificate of Honor 2020", Diploma Award 2021, by Southern Federal University, Russia, for outstanding contribution in academic, creative research, and publication activities.