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Summer Schools

Summer School of the Russian Language and Culture 2020

Dates: 10.08-06.09, 2020     
Venue: Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog)

Southern Federal University (SFedU) is the largest university in the south of Russia. Today SFedU is an innovative research university in which the student will be able to obtain a modern education based on the integration of the educational process with fundamental and applied scientific research, based on advanced technologies. One of the features of the university is its location. The main part of faculties and institutes SFedU is in Rostov-on-Don.

Rostov-on-Don is the center of a large region in which the Don Cossacks live. Through Rostov there are the main routes to the North Caucasus, therefore it is called the "Gateway of the Caucasus". The city was founded in 1749, its population is over 1 million people. Rostov-on-Don is a large industrial and cultural center of the South of Russia.

Technical faculties are located in Taganrog, a city on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov.

An introductory-regional program

Visiting and sightseeing​
- Rostov-on-Don: sightseeing bus tour of the city.
- Taganrog (bus tour): excursion to Chekhov's places (museum "Chekhov's House", gymnasium, etc.).
- Starocherkasskaya village (a stanitsa) (bus trip): acquaintance with the historical sights of Starocherkasskaya village - the first capital of the Don Cossacks.

Educational and information activities
- Lecture-conversation "History and Modernity of the Don Land".
- Visit to the Taganrog campus, educational structural departments, research laboratories.
- Visit to the rare books fund of the Don State Public Library / Visit to the local lore museum.
- As part of the Russian as a foreign language courses, special courses are provided: "Russian Song" and "Russian Fairy Tale".

Cultural and entertainment events
- Boat trip on the river Don, disco on the ship. Walking by the sea on a yacht.
- “Equator": the evening of Russian cuisine.
- Concert of course listeners.