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Summer Schools

Summer School Magisterium 2019

“The Great Steppe as an Eco-cultural Phenomenon"


The Center of Individual Interdisciplinary Humanitarian Education (IIHE) and the Center of International Programs and Projects of the Southern Federal University announce the Magisterium Summer School 2019 “The Great Steppe as an Eco-cultural Phenomenon".

Summer School Idea

Magisterium Summer school is aimed at developing intellectual leadership (courage) and brave thinking. The word “Magisterium" has a double metaphorical meaning in Russian language.   On the one hand, it is attuned to the word "magistratura" (Masters studies), and puts emphasis upon similar lever of higher education. On the other hand, it is one of the definitions of the philosophers' stone,  a legendary substance said to be capable of turning “base metal" such as lead into gold. So while presenting education and research as true treasures of human life the “magisterium" at the same time refers to almost a magic and mysterious nature of the cognitive process which is impossible without intuition and inspiration.

The Magisterium school mission is to empower the students to use their minds creatively, to overcome conventional thinking and transform it from convergent, linear into divergent, creative, to improve debating skills.

The Magisterium School provides a wide range of interdisciplinary studies handling various problems of the Euroasian steppe from the perspective of ecology and culture. Ecology is considered as a holistic discipline combining geology, biology, geography, mathematics, social sciences and humanities.

Summer School Structure

Modular approach: The learning program is divided into three modules: “Natural sciences", “Social sciences" and “Humanities". Each module is delivered within four thematic days.  The first three are aimed at considering the ecosystem of the Great Steppe from the perspective of one or two related scientific disciplines (I - Earth sciences, biology, ecology; II - linguistics, ethnic and cultural studies, history; III - economics and sociology, political and regional studies). The last day of each module is interdisciplinary.

  • Thematic principle of program: each thematic day starts with introductory lectures on related issues. Then the students are offered to choose a few interactive classes aimed at specifying the problems set in the introductory lectures.
  • Project work: The students learn to understand the main principles of the project work, get cross-cultural team work and project thinking skills through team building exercises and workshops. The students form project groups and present the project on the last day of the school.
  • Trainings, excursions, educational games, watching and discussing movies.
  • The international nature of training: the school is open for international students; courses are delivered in English.

Terms of participation

3-4 year bachelor and 1-2 year master English-speaking (B1 level) students are invited to participate.

Participation fee

Expenses are covered by participants. The fee for the whole period is € 600. This includes registration, accommodation, transfer, course materials, excursions.               

Time and place

SFedU summer camp “Vityaz" in the village of Divnomorskoye from August 17 to August 31, 2019.

Accommodation is offered in a summer camp “Vityaz" (double, triple and quadriple rooms with all amenities). A variety of meals is offered 3 times a day.


To be enrolled into the Magisterium Summer school the students should submit the application on e-mail until May 1, 2019.

Additional information

Draft programme
Application Form
Summer camp “Vityaz"

Contact information

Southern Federal University
Center of International Programs and Projects 
Tel.: 8 (863) 218 40 57