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Migration Procedure

Dear International Students, Trainees, Graduate and Postgraduate Students!

To help you understand some of the key points of the Russian Migration Law we would like to draw your attention to important issues connected with your arrival and migration registration.

Migration Registration for International Students Arriving to Southern Federal University on a Visa Base

To study at Southern Federal University it is compulsory to apply for educational visa. It is possible to obtain it at the Russian Consulate in your country. To apply for visa it is required to present the official invitation from SFedU and other documents to Consulate.

So first of all you have to submit all necessary documents for the admission to the University to get the letter of invitation.  The procedure takes roughly from 4 to 6 weeks. Afterwards the invitation is sent to the applicant via email. To apply for the invitation you should send a copy of your passport and filled-in application form.

Arrival to the Russian Federation

It is required to have a passport and a visa to enter the Russian Federation. Make sure you have health insurance license when crossing the Russian border because if not the officers can just refuse your entry to the Russian Federation in accordance with the Federal Law 114 of the Russian Federation dated by May 18, 1996 (ed. 31 December, 2014). The purpose of your stay (Education) must correspond with the type of the visa issued to you. Crossing the Russian national border you have to fill in the migration card form and mark the purpose of your stay as ; "Учёба/ Education" (see the example): Migration Card

Migration Registration

As soon as you arrive to the University you should immediately, within one working day, submit your documents for migration registration to Universitys Migration services. 

Documents required for migration registration:

-passport copy (all pages except blank ones) ; 4 copies;
-copy of migration card ; 4 copies:,
-photos sized 3х4 ; 4 copies. 

After you registered, you can stay in the Russian Federation as long as your entry visa is valid. If you would like to visit different cities (or you will stay in a hotel or hospital) you will get a new registration in each new city and place you stay. Please, ask the hotel staff to provide you with your new registration and take it back to Rostov-on-Don. The next day after coming back to Rostov-on-Don, you need to submit to the University Migration Office a new migration card or a detachable section of the notification form about migration registration in the place of stay for a new registration to be issued.

The term of stay is extended according to legislation of the RF for a period of the contract validity but no more than one year. For procurement, extension of visas it is necessary to pay the state tax; 1600 rubles.

If you have no grounds to prolong your stay in Russia (new educational contract), you are obliged to leave the country before the visa expiration date.

Migration Registration for International Students Arriving to Southern Federal University with no Visa

Crossing the Russian Federation border you have to fill in the migration card form and mark your purpose of arrival as "Учёба/ Education" (see the example). For the migration check-in you have to submit a copy of your passport and a copy of your migration card with the mark of customs control on crossing the Russian Federation border.

If your passport does not contain information in Russian it is required to submit the translation of your national passport verified by notary, herewith the information translated must correspond with the information in the original.

Address: Str. Zorge, 9b, office 138, Rostov-on-Don, 344090, Russia
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

University Migration services
Tel./fax: +7 (863) 218 40 00 Ext. 15-119