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Anna Borisovna Arzumanyan 

Associate Professor

Faculty of Law

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

intellectual property, the international copyright agreements, protection works, author’s rights, data protection, law and artificial intelligence (international legal aspects, including the context of international human rights law)

Research projects:

 Law basics; legal regulation of communicative activity, private international law, international standarts for intellectual property protection, ICT and data protection


  • Law and Economics
    basic knowledge of law and state, a basic knowledge about the areas of Russian law, the law of future professional activity
  • Legal regulation of communicative activities
    the constitutional foundations of freedom of speech and information protection, the legal status of participants of civil legal relations, intellectual property law, on advertising, on mass media.
  • Private international law
    The study of private international law is aimed at obtaining skills in the application of substantive and procedural norms of private international law in international relations.
  • International standards for legal protection of intellectual property, information and information technologies (inter-university academic mobility course)
    The objectives of the discipline: the formation of students' legal competencies in the field of international norm of legal protection of intellectual property, information, information technology; current trends in legal regulation in this area in the world; legal methods of intellectual property protection, information, information technology.
  • Legal regulation of advertising and public relations
    The discipline is designed for undergraduate students in the direction of Advertising and public Relations. The course examines advertising legislation in detail, as well as related areas of civil legislation, legislation on the media
  • International standards for intellectual property, digital technologies and data protection
    The discipline is designed for undergraduates studying under the program in English "International Protection of Human Rights (International Protection of Human Rights)" in the direction of training 40.04.01 Jurisprudence. The discipline covers the most relevant topics in the field of international legal protection and regulation of intellectual property, information technology, artificial intelligence.

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