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Evgeny Leonidovich Mukhanov 

+7(863) 218-40-00 ext. 10009

+7(903) 438-70-97

Vice-Rector for Innovation projects and International Cooperation

Southern Federal University

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

Synthetic organic chemistry; Synthesis of photochromic spirocyclic compounds; Design of perspective molecular switches.

Research projects:

1) The head of the project, financed within the framework of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation "Development of scientific potential of higher education" N RNP. (in 2008) N RNP. / 8011 (in 2009) together with the CRDF (USA) (Grant N Y5-C-04-07) "Synthesis and study of new photochromic spiropyrans with a modified hetarene fragment" 2008-2010

2) Head of the State Contract (N P 1473 from 03.09.2009) "Directed synthesis and investigation of potential components of multiposition molecular switches based on bifhotochromic spirosystems" 2009-2011 in the framework of the Federal Program "Scientific and scientific pedagogical staff of innovative Russia"

3) Head of  the project financed by the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation (МК-1629.2012.3) "Bisphotochromic systems based on spiropyrans and 2H-chromenes - prototypes of multiposition molecular switches" 2012-2013.

4) Head of the project financed by Grant RFBR 12-03-31455 Mol_a "Directed search and research of new photochromic spirostructures for the creation of multi-position light-controlled molecular switches" 2012-2013

5) Responsible for the project under the agreement N14.А18.21.1188 (2012-2013) (Federal target program "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff of innovative Russia" for 2009-2013).

6) RFBR grant 13-03-90437 "Design of new spirocycle systems containing a condensed heterocyclic fragment"

7) Grant RFBR 08-03-90029-Bel_a "Synthesis and research of new multifunctional spiro compounds - potential light-sensitive components of organic and composite nanostructures"

8) RFBR grant 04-03-32485-a "New spirocyclic systems exhibiting photochromic properties in the solid phase"

9) Grant RFBR 07-03-00234-a "Synthesis and study of new polyfunctional spirocyclic systems"