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Alexander Ovanesovich Vatulyan 

+7(863) 218-40-00 ext. 14023

Заведующий кафедрой

Institute of Mathematics, Mechanics, and Computer Science named after of I.I. Vorovich

Senior researcher

Institute of Mathematics, Mechanics, and Computer Science named after of I.I. Vorovich


Southern Federal University

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Degree: Doctor of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

1 Inverse Boundary, Geometric, and Coefficient Problems of Mathematical Physics

2 The Method of Boundary Integral Equations in Mechanics

3 Direct and Inverse Problems for the models of Electroelasticity and Thermoelectroelasticity

4 Mathematical models of Biomechanics

Research projects:

Project Manager (for the last 5 years)

2010-2012: project RFBR 10-01-0019 “Development of new methods for identification of localized and distributed inhomogeneities in solids”

2010-2012: project within the framework of the Federal Target Program "Scientific and Scientific Pedagogical Staff of Innovative Russia" for 2009-2013 years “Mechanics of materials and structures with nonlinear and inhomogeneous properties, their identification and construction of numerical and analytical solutions”

2013-2015: project RFBR 13-01-00196 “Development of models and methods for diagnostics of inhomogeneous prestressed states and destruction in solids”

2014-2016: project Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation N 9.665.2014 / K «Statics and dynamics of nonlinearly elastic, micropolar inhomogeneous materials and thin-walled structures, building solutions, and identification of mechanical properties»

since 2016:  project  RFBR 16-01-00354 “Development of new methods for characterization, identification and optimization of the properties of functional gradient piezocomposites


  • Mathematical Apparatus and Basic Models of Structural Analysis
    Bases of Solid Mechanics, basic models, fundamentals for the Finite Element Method
  • Introduction to Biomechanics
    Description of the behavior of biological tissues, basic models, direct and inverse problems of modern biomechanics