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Irina Anatolevna Pryadko 

+7(863) 218-40-00 ext. 13072

+7(988) 892-07-08

+7(863) 218-40-00

Associate Professor

Faculty of Management

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

Management, Managerial Economics, logistics, Strategic planning and management in various fields of activity, personnel Management, environmental Economics, Public-private partnership in the management of ecological-economic policy of the region

Research projects:

He was the head of the scientific-research work in the Volgodonsk Institute (branch) of southern Federal University: 1. The transformation of socio-economic processes in the Rostov region at the present stage. Contract N 2/1/213.01-14/2014-19 from 02.06.2014, p. 98 2. Learn the tools traders policy peripheral area of the Rostov region. Contract N 5/213.01-14/2014-57 from 05.10.2014 G. S. 80 3. The study of optimization methods for production and marketing processes of disparate companies in the new economic environment. Contract N 6/213.01-14/2015-03 from 10.03.2015 G. S. 87 4. Research of passenger transportation market in the southeastern part of Rostov region and the study of mechanisms of optimization of economic activities of transport organizations in modern conditions. Contract N 8/213.04-14/2015-34 from 05.10.2015, pp.80



  • Modern technologies in management
    The subject and method of organization theory, its development, models, and types of organizations. Theoretical bases of the organization: the General laws, categories of communication in the organization. Methodical bases of formation and functioning of the organization: organizational principles and methods of constructing control structures. Principles and factors of development of the organization in modern conditions. The behavior of individuals and groups in the organization from the point of view of increase of efficiency of its activities
  • logistics
    The organization and management of processes and material flows in the economy
  • Modern problems of corporate financial management
    Theoretical and methodological foundations of corporate finance and corporate governance. Problems of financial activities of the company and ways to solve them. Strategic management in modern conditions. Innovative management and innovative potential of an economic entity: theory and practice. Activities of the company in the stock market: problems and prospects. Financial strategies and tax management of the company.

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