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Iryna Bryzgalova 

+7(863) 218-40-00 ext. 12202

Associate Professor

Institute of History and International Relations

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

Historical regional studies (regional aspect, particularly modernization in southern Russia in the early 20th century). Power and society: nation-building on the Don and Northern Caucasus. 1917 -1918 years. The relationship of society and power in revolutionary and post-revolutionary periods (late 19; 20-ies of the 20 centuries). History of social movements and political parties of Russia k. XIX; beg. 20th centuries. Nation, Empire, revolution and reform in the 20th-21st centuries. History of the Russian emigration (Russian diaspora);. Conflictology, jetnokonfliktologija. Regional history Don and Northern Caucasus (19 end; head 20vv)

Published 84 research (15-WAC, 1-Scopus) and educational-methodical works.

Research projects:

January 2014-2015, December-State contract to develop Educational undergraduate specialties Group expanded education and pedagogy ", direction of preparation-Humanities, history, involving academic mobility of students in terms of networking. Director: R.m. Chumicheva ispolnitel 2014-grant of fund capital trust SFU "project of the year 2014".  "The Mission of the University in the Don society: Imperial University of Warsaw in the mirror of the media" Bratoljubova Manager Don m.v. (Artist) 2015-grant of fund capital trust SFU "project of the year 2015".  "School guides SFU" (head)-2016 RSSF, 2016 year main competition all-Russian scientific and practical Conference: "Peripheral city and townsman in retrospect: spatio-temporal features of national identity" Director: M.a. Ponomaryova (singer) Russian test on the history of the great patriotic war; (Assistant Organizer) ..

.December 2015 expert; South social investments in the South of Russia. Best social projects in the South of Russia ".  The project "open Rostov"-diploma of finalist. 2014-2015 Scientific; research, an educational project of SFU IIMO: "University life; milestones of history ". (jointly with SIPA, CDNI RO); (performer) 2015 "point of intersection of cultures: Russia; France ". Children and youth creativity Palace, the French Cultural Centre, IIMO SFU. September-October 2015, March-April 2015, September-October 2016g. Autumn and spring school "Guides SFU" lectures. Seminars. Preparation and conducting of excursions. (Director) is currently Bryzgalova I.g. is the Deputy Director on educational work IIMO., Member of the Scientific Council of the IIMO.


  • Reading basic courses: Undergraduate:-history (basic course) (lectures, seminars)-Organization of public institutions in Russia (basic course)-an introduction to design-basics of exploratory analysis-Conflictology e. courses: Russian national character-image of Russia in the world-the history of the Russian emigration-Jetnokofliktologija. MA (historical urban geography):-the theory and practice of urban communities