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Vyacheslav Tsybulin 

+7(863) 218-40-00 ext. 14022

Head of the department

Institute of Mathematics, Mechanics, and Computer Science named after of I.I. Vorovich

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Degree: Doctor of Sciences

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Research interests:

Some papers

Frischmuth, K., Kovaleva, E.S., Tsybulin, V.G. Family of equilibria in a population kinetics model and its collapse (2011) Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications, 12 (1), pp. 145-155.

Karasözen, B., Trofimova, A.V., Tsybulin, V.G. Natural convection in porous annular domains: Mimetic scheme and family of steady states (2012) Journal of Computational Physics, 231 (7), pp. 2995-3005.

Karasözen, B., Nemtsev, A.D., Tsybulin, V.G. Staggered grids for three-dimensional convection of a multicomponent fluid in a porous medium (2012) Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 64 (6), pp. 1740-1751.

Trofimova, A.V., Tsibulin, V.G. Filtration convection in an annular domain and branching of a family of steady-state regimes (2014) Fluid Dynamics, 49 (4), pp. 481-490.

Budyansky, A.V., Tsybulin, V.G. The effect of directed migration on the formation of spatial population structures (2015) Biophysics (Russian Federation), 60 (4), pp. 622-631.

Epifanov, A.V., Tsybulin, V.G. Modeling of oscillatory scenarios of the coexistence of competing populations (2016) Biophysics (Russian Federation), 61 (4), pp. 696-704.

Abdelhafez, M.A., Tsybulin, V.G. Anisotropy effect on the convection of a heat-conducting fluid in a porous medium and cosymmetry of the Darcy problem, (2017) Fluid Dynamics.  52(1), pp. 49-57.

Abdelhafez, M.A., Tsybulin, V.G. Numerical simulation of convective motion in an anisotropic porous medium and cosymmetry conservation,  (2017) Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics. 57(10), pp. 1706-1719..

Abdelhafez, M.A., Tsybulin, V.G. Anisotropic Problem of Darcy Convection: Family of Steady Flows and Its Disintegration during the Destruction of Cosymmetry,  (2018) Fluid Dynamics. 53(6), pp.738-749.

Budyansky, A.V., Frischmuth, K., Tsybulin, V.G. Cosymmetry approach and mathematical modeling of species coexistence in a heterogeneous habitat (2019) Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B.  24(2), pp. 547-561.

Frischmuth, K., Budyansky, A.V., Tsybulin, V.G.. Modeling of invasion on a heterogeneous habitat: taxis and multistability (2021)
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 410, 126456 

Govorukhin, V.N., Tsybulin, V.G. Multistability, scattering and selection of equilibria in the mechanical system with constraint, (2021)
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, , 95, 105602