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Sofya Alexandrovna Kovrigina 

+7(960) 461-92-26

Associate Professor

Faculty of Physics

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
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Research interests:

Physics of dielectrics

She took part in conferences and seminars: XV (Rostov-on-Don, 1999), XVI (Tver, 2002), XVII (Penza, 2005), XVIII (St. Petersburg, 2008) All-Russian conferences on the physics of ferroelectrics, V, VII and IX International symposiums "Order, disorder and properties of oxides" (ODRO) (Sochi 2002, 2004, 2006); 7th All-Russian Scientific Conference of Physics Students and Young Scientists (Ekaterinburg, 2001), International Scientific and Practical Conference "Fundamental Problems of Radioelectronic Instrumentation" (INTERMATIC) (Moscow, 2005); International scientific conference "Thin films and nanostructures" (Moscow, 2005); International Scientific and Practical School-Conference "Young Scientists -2005" (Moscow, 2005), International Symposium "Micro- and nanoscale domain structures in ferroelectrics" (Yekaterinburg, 2005); 9 Russian-CIS-Baltic-Japanese International Symposium on Ferroelectrics (RCBJSF-9) (Vilnius, 2008), 9th and 11th International Conferences "Dielectric Physics" (St. Petersburg, 2000, 2008).

Research projects:

Main scientific publications:

1. Bogatin AS, Lisitsa IV, Bogatina (Kovrigina) SA, Influence of the through conductivity on the determination of the characteristics of the processes of relaxation polarization // Letters in ZhTF, 2002, v.28, No. 18, p. 61-66.
2. Rayevsky IP, Eremkin VV, Smotrakov VG, Malitskaya MA, Kuropatkina (Kovrigina) SA, Shilkina LA Growth and study of PbFe1 / 2Ta1 / 2O3 single crystals // Crystallography, 2002, vol. 44, No. 6, p. 1076-1080.
3. Bokov A.A., Bing Y.- H., Chen W., Ye Z.-G., Kuropatkina (Kovrigina) S.A., Raevski I.P., Raevskaya S.I., Sahkar E.V. Empirical scaling of the dielectric permittivity peak in relaxor ferroelectrics // Physical Review B. 68, 052102 (2003).
4. Rayevsky IP, Kitaev VV, Bryugeman SA, Sarychev DA, Bogatin AS, Nikolaev VS, Kuropatkina (Kovrigina) SA, Shilkina L. A. Effect of Ordering of Cations on the Temperature of Ferroelectric and Antiferromagnetic Phase Transitions in PbFe1 / 2Nb1 / 2O3 // Izvestiya RAN, Ser. Fiz., 2003, v. 67, N 2, p. 962-964.
5. Raevski IP, Prosandeev SA, Kuropatkina (Kovrigina) SA, Malitskaya MA, Jastrabik L. High-k ceramic materals based on nonferroelectric AFe1 / 2B1 / 2O3 (A; Ba, Sr, C; B; Nb, Ta, Sb) Perovskites // Integrated Ferroelectrics, 55; 757-768 (2003).
6. Kubrin S.P., Raevskaya S.I., Kuropatkina (Kovrigina) SA, Raevski I.P., Sarychev D.A. Dielectric and Mossbauer studies of the B-cation order-disorder effect on the properties of Pb (Fe1 / 2Ta1 / 2) O3 relaxor ferroelectric // Ferroelectrics. ; 2006.; V.340. ; P.155-159.
7. Kuropatkina (Kovrigina) S.A. Increasing the sensitivity of resistive and capacitive sensors of external influences. // Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Physical Series, 2007, v. 71, N2. from. 219-221.
8. Kuropatkina (Kovrigina) SA, Raevsky IP, Bogatin AS Giant increase in the dielectric constant and electrical conductivity in inhomogeneous dielectrics. Izv. RAS. Ser. Phys. 2007.-T.71, N 2.-P.238-239.
9. Kuropatkina (Kovrigina) SA, Bogatina VN, Bogatin AS, Raevsky IP Frequency control of the temperature coefficient of dielectric resistance in the process of relaxation polarization // Order, disorder and properties of oxides. Seventh International Symposium, September 13-16, 2004, Sochi. Sat. Of works, pp.37-38
10. Rayevskaya SI, Kubrin SP, Reznichenko LA, Sarychev DA, Zakharchenko IN, Kuropatkina (Kovrigina) S.A. Lead-free materials with high dielectric permittivity, weakly dependent on temperature. Materials of the international scientific and practical conference "Fundamental Problems of Radio-Electronic Instrument Making" (INTERMATIC-2005). Moscow: MIREA-TsNII "Electronics", 2006. Part 1. P.72-75.
11. Kuropatkina (Kovrigina) S.A. Determination of the parameters of the relaxation polarization processes of the Debye and quasi-Debye types by the dielectric spectra // Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference Films; 2005, November 22-26, Moscow. Part 2, p. 141-144.
12. Bogatin AS, Kuropatkina (Kovrigina) SA, Bogatina VN "Strong" and "weak" processes of relaxation polarization in Debye dielectrics. Materials of the XVIII All-Russian Conference on Ferroelectric Physics (VCS-XVIII).
13. Bogatin A.S., Kuropatkina (Kovrigina) SA, Bogatina V.N. The influence of the simultaneous development of two processes of relaxation polarization on the electrical spectra of dielectrics. Materials of the 11th International Conference "Dielectric Physics" (Dielectrics-2008)
14. Bogatin A.S., Kuropatkina (Kovrigina) SA, Bogatina V.N. Electrical conductivity as a characteristic of relaxation polarization. Materials 11 international conference "Physics of dielectrics" (Dielectrics-2008).

15. I. P. Raevski, S. A. Kuropatkina (Ковригина), S. P. Kubrin, S. I. Raevskaya, D. A. Sarychev, M. A. Malitskaya, A. S. Bogatin, V. V. Titov, I. N. Zakharchenko. Dielectric and Mössbauer Studies of High-Permittivity BaFe1/2Nb1/2O3 Ceramics with Cubic and Monoclinic Perovskite Structures. // Abstr. 9th Russian-CIS-Baltic-Japan Symposium on Ferroelectricity, RCBJSF-9. Vilnius, Lithuania, 15-19 June 2008. P.183.


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