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Vladimir Stavrovich Pilidi 

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Research interests:

integral operators of singular type, invariant subspaces of multiple weighted
shift operators, Hardy-type spaces of analytic operator-valued functions,
digital image processing.



  • Mathematical foundations of data protection
    Modern methods of data protection rely on an essential theoretical background, including, in particular, the general algebra, more precisely, its part dealing with the theory of finite algebraic systems: groups, rings, and fields. This part in turn borders with the number theory, with the coding theory and cryptography. The presented information permits to serve as the basis for other training courses and to be used in the further practical work.
  • Introduction to computer algebra
    Computer algebra deals with algorithms that differ significantly from the ones used in computational mathematics, since calculations are usually are produced without rounding. The results and methods of computer algebra are widely are used in the modern mathematical software systems such as Maple, Mathematica, MatLab.