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Konstantin Filippovich Suzdalev 

Associate Professor

Faculty of Chemistry

Senior lecturer

Faculty of Chemistry

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

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Research interests:

Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds, medicinal chemistry

Research projects:

1. Super-electrophilic activation: an effective way of formation of С-С bonds and synthesis of new condensed carbo- and heterocycles with potential biological activity.

2. Synthesis and study of new derivatives and structural analogs of natural heterocyclic compounds possessing a therapeutic potential


  • Actual problems of organic chemistry
    The goal of the course is to teach theoretical principles of chemistry aimed at predicting the synthesis of organic substances with given properties. As a cognitive component, the course covers methods for the synthesis and analysis of organic compounds, as well as modern achievements and trends in the development of organic chemistry. In practical terms, the teaching is aimed at the obtaining useful substances: natural compounds, drugs, dyes, organic materials.
  • Methods for the synthesis of medicinal substances
    The purpose of the course is graduation of specialists for the search and synthesis of drugs. The main objectives of the course are: describe the methods of creating new drugs and show how modern medicinal substances are synthesized using specific examples. The course consists of an introductory part and two main sections; 1. "Modern principles of creating medicines" and 2. "Synthesis of modern medicines" In the introduction, the main definitions and history of the subject are examined. The first part describes the methods of new drugs creation. The second part is devoted to the synthesis of currently used drugs.
  • Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds
    The course is intended for students of the 5th year of the specialization "Medical Chemistry". The goal of the course is the preparation of specialists with a wide range of knowledge of the chemistry of heterocyclic compounds. In the course general questions of chemistry of heterocyclic compounds, as well as special problems of specific classes of heterocycles are considered.