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Ekaterina Anatolievna Korman 

+7(904) 344-36-96

Associate Professor

Institute of Nanotechnologies, Electronics and Equipment Engineering

Associate Professor

Institute of Philology, Journalism, and Intercultural Communication

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

Hispanic and English Linguistics, Pragmalinguistics, Traductology, Phraseology, Intercultural Communication, Interpreting, Political Discourse

Research projects:

Innovative Hi-Tech Project «WORLD WITHOUT BOUNDARIES» - International Virtual University of Philology

Aims and Objectives are to perfectionate the educational process and to improve the social adaptation level of graduates; to establish and maintain successful academic relationships with different Universities and Educational Centres at regional, national and international levels; to promote International Academic Mobility; to erase boundaries between people and nations; to intergrate into the World Educational Space; to create a scientific and academic community network, to organize ample discussions on the problematic issues in the areas of contemporary literary and linguistic science; to exchange experience and to transfer knowledge.

Main Areas of Activities:1. Multilingual website development of partner institutions. 2. Modernization of electronic resources, systematic revision and regular updates of databases. Development and implementation of "Virtual Library" Network Project. 3. Building of web platforms for international conferences, collaborative forums, virtual competitions and contests, etc. 4. Collaborative development and implementation of innovative educational

tecnologies (Galaxia Espiral, EuroComRom, etc.) and digital educational and scientific resources. 5. Production of the Multilingual Dictionary of Sports Terminology. 6. Promotion of Bachelor's and Master's Dual Degree Programmes with partner Universities. International certification of language learning programmes. 7. Popularization of philological studies, increase in demand for foreign language learning, promotion of international academic mobility, focus on the dialogue between cultures.

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