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Irina Alexandrovna Acharova 

Head of the department

Faculty of Physics

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

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Research interests:

Area of my study includes a wide range of astrophysical problems, such as the study of the conditions under which our and other galaxies were formed, particularities of supernovae of type 1a - stars, which led to the discovery of the fifth fundamental cosmological interaction and formation of a new understanding of the evolution of the Universe; synthesis of heavy elements in the Galaxy; features of the final stages of the life of stars, and so on.

First of all, results of my research are devoted to development and testing of theoretical conceptions in physics and astrophysics, but their range of application is much wider: chemistry, paleontology, geology, climatology and evolution of the terrestrial biosphere. My findings are of interest for planning research projects on the developed more powerful astronomical telescopes, for the processing and interpretation of the new observational data.

In the social sphere results of my research used to attract students to science and education by their participation in solving the most fundamental problems of modern natural science, as astrophysics accumulates the highest, incipient technologies, forms the scientific outlook on the world around us, its origin and evolution, the person's place in the world. My investigations introduced in student’s research works and master theses. Six software packages for modeling processes in the Galaxy registered with the participation of students. Two articles published in international journals also with co-authorship of students. Students graduating from a Space Research Department later work successfully in different areas of science and engineering, in which the formulation of research problems, numerical simulation, including the use of supercomputers, processing and visualization of observational data, work with literature and the ability to formulate their thoughts are part of the work.

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