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Nikolay Evgenyevich Fomenko 

+7(928) 954-92-80

+7(989) 709-29-75


Institute of Earth Sciences

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Research interests:

Fomenko Nikolay Evgenyevich (born in 1946) – specialist in coal and ecological geophysics. Doctor of geological and mineralogical science, professor since 2000. Graduated from Moscow geological exploration institute – MGRI (1969). Scientific interests: development  and improvement of modern geophysical methods and technological means of study of coal fields tectonics, and also geological ecological processes and phenomena in consequence of closing of coal mines. Scientific work includes: study of geological ecological objects by geophysical methods on basis of development  and improvement of electrical potential profiling - sounding technologies, spatial electrical filtration and express gas survey. Educational methodical activity is connected with design of lecture courses and practical classes on basis of experimental observations of geophysical methods conducted by students on the etalon areas of South Federal University territory.

Total publications: more than 100 publications, including about 15 of educational and methodical textbooks. *Ed. Petrophysical features of near-fault areas of coal fields. M.: 1976.  Forecasting of tectonic disturbances by methods of borehole and mine electrical prospecting  on coal fields. M.: 1998. Ecological  geophysical monitoring on mining allotments of closed mines in East Donbas. Rostov-on-Don. 2003. Textbook by course of “Physics of rocks” (educational methodical elaboration). South-Russian State Technical University (NPI). Novocherkassk: SRSTU, 2006. 91 p. Member of dissertational council D.212.304.07. Exemplary worker of subsoil exploration. Inventor of the USSR.