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Alexey Kolesnikov 

Associate Professor

Institute of Mathematics, Mechanics, and Computer Science named after of I.I. Vorovich

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

Theory of hyperelastic membrane

Experimental mechanics

Research projects:

2016-2018           Buckling prediction structures of modern materials with the surface stress, RFBR 16-08-00802-а

2015-2017           Variational and semi-inverse methods in the nonlinear theory of deformation of elastic bodies with microstructure, RFBR 15-01-01492-а

2014-2016           Statics and dynamics of nonlinear elastic, viscoelastic heterogeneous materials and thin-walled structures, construction of solutions and identification of mechanical properties, Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, contract 9.885.2014/K

2012-2014           Equilibrium and stability of non-linear elastic bodies with sources of initial stresses, RFBR 12-01-00038-а

2012-2013           Large Deformations and Stability of Hyperelastic Membranes,
RFBR 12-01-31431-mol_a (Leader)

2012-2013           Equilibrium, Stability and Optimization of thin-walled structures, Program "Research and scientific-pedagogical cadres Innovative Russia" for 2012-2013 years, contract 14.А18.21.0389

2011-2013           Prediction buckling collapse for non-linear elastic bodies with microstructures, RFFR N 11-08-01152-а

2011-2012           Mechanics of thin-walled hyperelastic structures, The grant MK-439.2011.1 of the President of the Russian Federation (Leader)

2010-2012           Mechanics of materials and constructions of nonlinear and heterogeneous behaviors, identification and numeric and analytical solutions, Program "Research and scientific-pedagogical cadres Innovative Russia" for 2009-2013 years, contract P596

2009-2011           Mechanics of elastic and inelastic microstructure materials, RFFR N 09-01-00459-a