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Maxim Nikolaevich Krot 

Associate Professor

Institute of History and International Relations

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

The history of modern times Russia, the history of Russia XIX - early XX centuries, history of Russian Social Thought, Russian Conservatism of XIX century, the Liberal-Conservative trend in Russian Social Thought, socio-economic concept of Russian Conservatives of XIX century, Problems of Modernization of Russia of the XIX century, Problems of Interaction between the Authorities and Society in Russia in the era of modern times.

Research projects:

Conservative concept of Russian Modernization in the second half of the XIX century. Socio-economic views of Russian Conservatives of XIX - early XX centuries.


  • The history of modern times Russia (Part 1)
    The course of the history of modern times Russia is dedicated to the main directions of the country's development in the XIX - early XX centuries. Part 1 covers the period from 1801 to 1881. Within the discipline of the features of modernization processes, covering various aspects of life of Russian society. Particular attention is paid to the main directions of socio-economic development of Russia in this period, features of the industrial revolution process, development of capitalist relations, the role of Russia in the world economic system; the socio-political processes in the country, the establishment of civil relations, evolution of forms of interaction between government and society, the development of social thought. The course covers the most important methodological problems of studying Russian history of the first half of the XIX century, domestic and foreign historiography of this period.
  • Historiography of the Russian History
    As part of the discipline "Historiography of the Russian History" are considered the basic approaches, points of view and research, containing the most important theoretical and methodological achievements of domestic and foreign scientists on actual problems of national history. The course material built on the problematic principle, provides insight into the evolution of historiographical approaches to solve the research tasks, political and socio-cultural environment, which affect the research positions. The problem of course involves the use of submitted in the course of its study materials as the basic framework for the preparation of how to a final master's exam, as well as to the candidate's exam in the specialty.
  • The history of Russian State Institutions
    The course of history of state institutions provides a systematic and consistent presentation of the history of Russian state institutions, reveals the socio-economic causes of their occurrence, changing their competence, functions, organizational structure and activities, shows the reasons for the inevitability of the replacement of one other government agencies, which corresponded to the tasks of the state and society.
  • Introduction to Specialty
    The discipline of "Introduction to Specialty" is aimed at forming of Master's students 1 year of general ideas about the basics of history, sources and methods of historical research, the process of scientific knowledge, social functions of historical knowledge, key issues of methodology of historical science. The course focuses on the development of primary skills of research work in higher education, search skills, selection and analysis of historical sources, assess the degree of subjectivity and authenticity of the source, and the ability to extract from it the new information; drawing-up of scientific and academic written works (paper, essay, composition, review, motivation letter and so forth.).
  • Conservative ideology in post-reform Russia
    The discipline is aimed at the study of Russian conservatism as a public mentality, political ideology, which has a specific set of socio-political, economic, spiritual goals and installations and consideration of conservative variants of modernization of Russia in the second half of the XIX century. The course deals with the conditions of formation of conservative ideology in Russia in the era of modern times; analysis the political and economic concepts of the main directions of Russian conservatism; examines the degree of influence of conservative ideology on the development of Russia in the second half of the XIX century. Materials of this course contribute to a better understanding of the complex modernization processes that took place in Russia in the second half of the XIX century.