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Alexey Karapetyants 


Southern Federal University


Institute of Mathematics, Mechanics, and Computer Science named after of I.I. Vorovich

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Degree: Doctor of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

Harmonic analysis: real and complex variable methods. 

10 Recent publications:

  1. A.Karapetyants, I. Louhichi. Fractional Integrodifferentiation and Toeplitz operators with vertical symbols. W. Bauer et al. (eds.), Operator Algebras, Toeplitz Operators and Related Topics, Operator Theory: Advances and Applications 279,
  2. A.Karapetyants, J.Taskinen. Toeplitz operators with radial symbols on weighted holomorphic Orlicz space. W. Bauer et al. (eds.), Operator Algebras, Toeplitz Operators and Related Topics, Operator Theory: Advances and Applications 279,
  3. O.Blasco, A.N.Karapetyants, J.E.Restrepo. Holomorphic Holder type spaces and composition operators. Math. Meth. Appl. Sci. (to appear).
  4. Karapetyants A, Liflyand E. Defining Hausdorff operators on Euclidean spaces. Math. Meth. Appl. Sci. 2020; 1–12.
  5. A.Karapetyants, K.Khmelnytskaya and V.Kravchenko. A practical method for solving the Inverse quantum scattering problem on a half line. J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1540 012007. https://doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1540/1/01200
  6. A.N.Karapetyants, S.G.Samko. K.Zhu. A class of Hausdorff - Berezin operators on the unit disc. Complex Anal. Oper. Theory (2019).
  7. A.N.Karapetyants, J.E.Restrepo Boundedness of projection operator and Berezin transform in generalized holomorphic and harmonic spaces of Holder type functions. Modern Methods in Operator Theory and Harmonic Analysis, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 291, 2019.
  8. A.N.Karapetyants, J.E.Restrepo Generalized Hoelder type spaces of harmonic functions in the unit ball and half space. Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal (2019)
  9. A.Karapetyants, H. Rafeiro, S.Samko. On singular operators in vanishing generalized variable exponent Morrey spaces and applications to Bergman type spaces. Mathematical Notes, Vol. 106, Issue 5–6, pp 727–739 (2019).
  10. A.N.Karapetyants, S.G.Samko. Generalized Hoelder spaces of holomorphic functions in domains in the complex plane. Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics (2018) 15:226, DOI:

Research projects:

  1. Research fellowship grant: Solomon Lefschetz Research Fellowship, CINVESTAV, Mexico, 1998-2000 (EQF Level 8), (grant holder).
  2. Research and teaching grant (monthly salary) from National Mexican System of Researchers (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores), Mexico, 2000-2001 (grant holder)
  3. Research grant from CONACyT (Mexico). CONACyT # 35521-E, Mexico, 2000-2001
  4. Grant from The Presidential Commission for Modernization and Technological Development of Russia's Economy and Moscow State University, Russia, 2011 (leader of research team)
  5. Multiple Grants from the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research ( ): 21 grants in total for ten years. This includes research grants on national and international level (cooperation with colleagues from Armenia and Colombia) and grants for conference’s organization (grant holder).
  6. Grant from Dmitry Zimin "Dynasty" Foundation, (, 2015 (grant holder)
  7. Research fellowship grants “Mikhail Lomonosov" and "Mikhail Lomonosov-II" from DAAD (Germany) and Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation. Awarded in 2007 and 2008 (EQF Level 8)
  8. Grants from ISAAC (International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation), 2015, 2016, 2017 (grant holder)
  9. Grant from Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation for establishing Regional Mathematical Center, 2018-2020.
  10. Fulbright research scholarship grant (2018,, IIE ID: PS00267032, host researcher-Professor Kehe Zhu, SUNY, Albany, USA.
  11. Two grants from Outreach Lecture Fund, November 2018, aimed to travel support for lecturing activity at US Universities


  • Equations of mathematical physics
    The course discusses the application of mathematics to problems in physics and the development of mathematical methods suitable for such applications and for the formulation of physical theories and effects. It is aimed to provide the students with a theoretical and practical knowledge of the studying and solving problems inspired by physics or thought experiments within a mathematically rigorous framework. In this sense, mathematical physics covers a very broad academic realm distinguished only by the blending of pure mathematics and physics.

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