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Margarita Sergeevna Chernovyants 

+7(863) 218-40-00 ext. 11406


Faculty of Chemistry

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Degree: Doctor of Sciences

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Research interests:

Margarita Sergeevna Chernov’yants (Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, and Head of the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the Southern Federal University) was born in Sverdlovsk in August 28 1938. Father – Pereverzev S.P., engineer, mother – Korneeva A.D., teacher. In 1961 she graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry of the Rostov State University. In 1967 she entered the graduate school of the Department of Analytical Chemistry (scientific adviser – Professor K.N. Bagdasarov). During graduate school held traineeship at the Department of Electrochemistry Leningrad Institute of Technology, led by Professor A.L. Rotinyan. In 1970 she defended her candidat’s dissertation about changes in the acidity in the electrode layer upon the electroisolation of metals in the presence of complexing additives. The entire creative life of Professor Chernov’yants has been connected to the Departement of Chemistry of Rostov State University, where she has worked since 1970 as an assistant professor, senior teacher, associate professor. In 1995, M.S. Chernov'yants defended her doctor’s dissertation on "The oximes and phthalocyanine dyes based on nitrogen-containing heterocycles and their use in spectrophotometric analysis". Since 1996, she is Professor, Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry of Rostov State University, and then the Southern Federal University.

M.S. Chernov'yants reads lectures to students, undergraduates and graduate students: “Modern analytical chemistry”, “Statistical methods in analytical chemistry” “Selected chapters of fundamental chemistry. Methods of molecular spectroscopy. Chemical-Pharmaceutical Analysis”; ”The newest methods of separation and analysis," "Physical and chemical methods of research of complex compounds". Professor Chernov'yants brought 14 Cand.Chem.Sci.

At present, the objects of study M.S. Chernov'yants and her students are organic polyhalides with high biological activity and having a non-traditional structure of drug substances. She pays also special attention to the research of new drug class of heteroaromatic thioamides, combining the ability to regulate the content of active iodine forms and to participate in the interception of free radicals.

M.S. Chernov'yants takes an interest in the results of global research in the field of analytical chemistry, biochemistry and medicine.


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