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Liudmila Borisovna Savenkova 

+7(863) 218-40-00 ext. 11596

+7(904) 340-87-09


Institute of Philology, Journalism, and Intercultural Communication

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Degree: Doctor of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

lexicology,  terminology, phraseology, paremiology,  communicative stylistics, expressional stylistics, lingoculturology, linguistic analysis of the text, A.P. Chekhov's language, M.A. Sholokhovs language, university methods of teaching linguistic disciplines

Research projects:

2007–2009 - project participant "A.P. Chekhov's Conceptual sphere".

Result: "A.P. Chekhov's Conceptual sphere". Collected papers, edited N.V. Izotova. Rostov-on-Don, SFEDU, 2009. 368 p.

Author of the paper "Belief concept".


2010–2012 - reference dictionary "Efficient  verbal communication ( basic competences)" (Krasnoyarsk, SibFU, 2012. 882 р.),

author of the papers: Antiproverb, Paroemia, Proverb, Saying.


2010–2012 - project participant  “Sholokhov’s Encyclopedia”, section leader "M.A. Sholokhovs language".

Result :“Sholokhov’s Encyclopedia”. Moscow, "Synergy publishing house", 2012. 1216 p.

author of the papers: "M.A. Sholokhovs language"; "M.A. Sholokhovs vocabulary", "Proverbs and Sayings in Sholokhov's work".

co-author of the papers: "Phraseology in the works of Sholokhov"; "Tropes in Sholokhov's artistic work".


2014–2015 - Research project  Manager “M.A. Sholokhovs language”

Result:  “Diamonds of Russian speech”: language art of M.A. Sholokhov, collective monograph . Rostov-on-Don: Southern Federal University Publ., 2015. 112 p., managing editor and co-author.


2016–2017 – participation in the scientific and educational projects of the Russian New University (Moscow), ”Personality in science and education”: Russian Language School of Professor E.I. Dibrova.

Making the report at the International scientific conference "Russian language in the studies of Russian scientists: History and Modernity", December 2, 2016, Moscow, Russian New University, the format - the online, the head of section number 2 "Lexical and phraseological semantics", speaking a section report "The role of semantic variation and transformation fixed expressions of M.A. Sholokhov works";

Jury member of the young researchers educational projects award "Outstanding National scientists in Russian philology".


РИНЦ SPIN: 2652-5479

ORCID identifier is 0000-0002-2637-679X

ResearcherID: Z-1252-2018


  • Modern Russian language. Lexicology. Phraseology. Phonetics. Word-formation.
    the first section of the discipline "Modern Russian language". for undergraduate students
  • Scientific discourse.
    Methodology research for undergraduate students
  • The methodology of philological research and fundamentals of academic writing
    for undergraduate students
  • Lexical and grammatical stylistics
    for undergraduate students
  • General and special lexicography and problems of terminology
    for undergraduate students
  • Methods of linguistic analysis
    the level of "master"
  • Russian phraseology and paremiology: linguocultural aspect
    the level of "master"
  • Speech etiquette
    the level of "master"
  • The skill of the lecturer
    the level of "master"
  • Actual problems of lexicology and word formation
    the level postgraduate
  • Communication studies: theoretical and applied aspects
    the level postgraduate
  • The methodology of philological research
    the level postgraduate
  • Pedagogical rhetoric
    the level of "master"