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Zhanna Iosifovna Ovsepyan 

+7(863) 218-40-00 ext. 13048

Заведующий кафедрой

Faculty of Law

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Degree: Doctor of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

Constitutional and administrative law; constitutional and administrative law; theory of law; international law

Research projects:

1. Ovsepyan, J. I. "Legal protection of the Constitution. Judicial constitutional control in foreign countries" (Monograph) // Rostov-on-don: Letter-D, 1992 - 320 p.

2.Ovsepyan, J. I. Constitutional judicial review in the russian federation: problems of depoliticization (a comparative analysis) Russian Politics and Law. 1996. Т. 34. N 6. С. 46-61.

3. Ovsepyan J. I. "Legal liability and state coercion" (Monograph) // Rostov-on-don. Publishing House "Everest". 2005 - 276 p.

4. Ovsepyan J. I. "The system of the Supreme bodies of state power in Russia (the dialectic of constitutional and legal framework since the beginning of the XX-early XXI centuries)" (Monograph) // Rostov-on-don, Rostov state University. 2006 - 592 p.

5. Ovsepyan J.I. "Citizenship of the Russian Federation (theoretical, historical and constitutional-legal research)" // publishing house of southern Federal University, Rostov-on-don. 2008 - 320 p.

6.Ovsepyan, J. I. Training course: "Lectures on the constitutions of Russia". Rostov-na-Donu: Feniks, 2016. 398 p. ISBN:978-5-222-24327-5 - 398 p.
7. Ovsepyan, J. I. Monograph: "Sources (forms) of the Russian law in the period of international globalization (theoretical and constitutional-legal research)". M.:Prospect,2016. 464 p. ISBN: 978-5-392-21086-2 - 464 p.
8. Ovsepyan, J. I. Monograph: "Constitutional legal status of a person and citizen in Russia", Rostov-on-don: Publishing southern Federal University, 2016. (20,1 p. L.) - 400p.



  • Constitutional law
  • Constitutional judicial proceedings
  • Human rights
  • Theory of law
  • The Parliamentary System Of Russia