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Vladimir Vladimirovich Abramov 

+7(904) 500-54-31

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Research interests:

Research interests :

  1. The method of boundary integral equations in problems of acoustics.
  2.  Ultrasonic and visual nondestructive testing.
  3.  Application fast computational algorithms for calculating turbulent viscous fluid flows. 
  4. The construction of algorithms for numerical and semi-analytical methods for solving differential equations.
  5.  Application of asymptotic methods for calculation of turbulent flow.

Journal papars:

  1. Abramov V.V..  THE METHOD OF BOUNDARY INTEGRAL EQUATIONS IN THE EVALUATION OF OWN FREQUENCIES OF THE FIELD WITH SKEW OF WALLS. //J. Successes of modern natural science. Physics and mathematics, 2011, N7; 243-244.
  2. Sumbatyan M.A., Abramov V.V.. Semi - analytical method to calculatre a flow of viscous incompressible fluid in a chanal of constant width.// J. News of universities North Caucasus region. Natural sciences, 201, N1, 42 - 47.
  3. Сумбатян М.А.,Абрамов В.В..Численный метод на основе специальной функции Грина для турбулентного потока в двумерном канале. Труды XVII международной конференции "Современные проблемы механики сплошной среды", г. Ростов ; на ; Дону: Издательство ЮФУ, 2014, с 195- 199.

  4. Sumbatyan M.A., Abramov V.V.. Numerical method based on a special Green function for a turbulent flow in a two-dimensional channel.// Abstracts of the XVII International Conference "Contemporary Problems of Continuum Mechanics", Rostov-on -Donб SFU, 2014, 119

  5. M. A. Sumbatyan,V. V. Abramov. ACCELERATION OF THE CONVERGENCE OF GREEN'S FUNCTIONS SERIES REPRESENTATION FOR A TURBULENT FLOW IN THE CHANNEL.//[Electronic resource]: materials of the 6th Russian-Armenian meeting on mathematical analysis, mathematical physics and analytical mechanics (Rostov-on-Don, 11, September 16, 2016) / redaction A. N. Karapetyants; Don. State. Tech. University. ; Electron. Text data. ; Rostov n / D: DSTU, 2016.; 43. ; Access mode: .ISBN 978-5-7890-1160-7

  6. Popuzin V.V., Abramov V.V., Getmanskii M.S., Mihovski M., Alexiev A. and Mirchev D. I. One iterative algorithm for the diffraction problem in the low-frequency ultrasound range. XVIII International Conference on Modern Problems of Continuum Mechanics, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 7 ; 10 November 2016

Research projects:

Research projects 

  1. Grant SFU N213.01-24 / 2013-76 "Wave processes in aerodynamics, aeroacoustics and hydroelasticity" (headed by Sumbatyan MA) State registration N01201367833
  2. The project part of the state task 9.1371.2014 / K "Optimum regimes of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of small wind turbines in low-speed wind conditions of the Azov-Black Sea basin" (headed by Sumbatyan MA) 2014-2016
  3. Marie Curie Actions Framework 7, contract no. PIRSES-GA-2012-318874, IMech-BAS , Sofia, Bulgaria “Innovative nondestructive testing and  advanced composite repair of pipelines with volumetric surface defects" September 1, 2012 ; August 31, 2016


  1. In 2016, he completed a two-month internship at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences at the Institute of Mechanics, Sofia, Bulgaria, as part of the international project INNOPIPES
  2. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,Institute of Mechanics, Training Center (09.05.2016 -15.05.2016)
    Training course: Ultrasonic thickness testing (UTT) - Level I
  3. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,Institute of Mechanics, Training Center (09.05.2016 -15.05.2016)
    Training course: Visual testing (VT) - Level I + II