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Sergey Kotov 

+7(863) 218-40-00 ext. 21008

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Academy of Psychology and Education Sciences

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Degree: Doctor of Sciences

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Research interests:

The professor Sergey Vladimirovich Kotov was born in 26 of February in 1973 year. The total term of the Sergey Vladimirovich Kotov’s scientific and pedagogical activity is equal to eight years and six months, including the employment as a lecturer in educational establishments of higher, supplementary and scientific research and teaching.

The scientific degree of the full doctor of the political sciences is honored to him by the official decision of the Dissertational council number D 502.008.02 from 22 of December of the 2011 Year number one on the basis of the Northern-Caucasus Academy of Government Employments.

Sergey Vladimirovich Kotov is the official member of the Dissertational councils number D 212.208.31 at the Southern Federal University and D 504.001.27 on the basis of RАPE_and_GS. He is a member of the scientific council of the Academy of Pedagogics and Psychology of SFU and also the member of the social council at the Government of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation in the Northern-Caucasus district.

. He has successfully graduated the courses of increasing the qualification according to the programs:

  1. The establishment culture in the Higher Education Management by the University Space Formation (Rostov-on-Don, 2014).
  2. The Projection and Ways of the realization of the basic educational programs (Rostov-on-Don, 2014).
  3. The creation of the specific conditions for students with the deviations in the educational establishments (Stavropol, 2015).
  4. The additional educational program “The usage of interactive methods in teaching (Moscow, 2016).
  5. The personal management in the professional activity: time-management for the teachers, lecturers and leaders of the educational establishments (Moscow, 2016)
  6. The working-out and approbation of the novel educational models and the contents of the preparation of the pedagogical staff in the many-directional establishments of Higher Education (Kazan, 2016).
  7. The working-out of the basic professional educational programs for the preparation of the pedagogical staff for the Bachelors and Masters Degrees for the Special Professional Education (Moscow, 2016).

S.V. Kotov takes part in the scientific conferences of various levels, including the following items:

1. International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conferences on Social Sciences and Arts SGEM2014» (Albena, Bulgaria, 2014, 2015, 2016).

2. International Scientific Conference “The theoretical and methodological problems of the modern education” (Moscow, 2014).

3. International Scientific and Practical Conference “ The integration of the science and practice as a way of the effective development of the modern society” (Moscow, 2014).

4. The All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “The person in the culture and education: the psychological accommodation, development and socialization” (Rostov-on-Don, 2014).