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Olga Mikhailovna Kholomeenko 

Associate Professor

Institute of Philology, Journalism, and Intercultural Communication

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

Graduated from Rostov state pedagogical University.

Specialty "Teacher of Russian language and literature, social pedagogue".

From 2003 to 2014. he worked at the Department of Russian language and speech culture, SFU, from 2014 to 2016 worked at the Department of Russian language of Institute of Philology, journalism and intercultural communication, SFU.

Currently working at the Department of Russian language for foreign students.

Courses taught: "Russian language. Lexicology", "Stylistics and literary editing", "Russian language and speech culture", "Workshop on the Russian language", "Technology PR", "Rhetoric".

In 2013 defended  PhD thesis on "Gender dominant and their language representation in the "female prose" (on the works by V. Tokareva)".

Sphere of scientific interests: linguistic genderology, cultural linguistics, cognitive linguistics.

Total work experience: 19, years teaching: 17 years.

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SPIN-код: 5170-4566 (РИНЦ SPIN)

Web Of Science: AAV-2195-2020.

РИНЦ Author ID: 671585.

Research projects:

List of publications:

1. Gender features of "women's prose" / / Language. Discourse. Text: II international scientific conference dedicated to the anniversary of Prof. Gavrilova G. F.: Works and materials. ; Rostov n/D: Rostov state pedagogical University, 2005.

2. "Women's literature": linguistic and gender aspects / / Actual problems of modern science. Humanities and socio-economic Sciences. ; Rostov n/A, 2006. - N 10. (VAK)

3. Linguistic genderology: current state and prospects of development // Language. Discourse. Text. Materials of the III International scientific conference. ; Rostov n/A: SFU, 2007.

4. Gender stereotypes and phraseosyntactic schemes: aspects of interaction // Language. Discourse. Text. Proceedings of the IV International scientific conference. ; Rostov n/A: IPO PI SFU, 2009.

5. Explicit and implicit parameters of the category "gender" in the text / / Language. Discourse. Text. Proceedings of the VI International scientific conference. ; Rostov n/D: "Academic", 2012.

6. The system of gender dominants in V. Tokareva's literary texts: methods of representation // proceedings of the SFU. Philological science. 2012. N 4. P. 135-142. (VAK)

7. Gender parameters of aphoristics and secondary nomination tools in V. Tokareva's prose / / Russian as the state language of the Russian Federation in the conditions of a multi-ethnic and multicultural region [Text]: materials of the inter-region. scientific Conf., Saransk, 22; may 24, 2013: (Full version) / comp.: E. N. Akimov; State budget. education. institution of higher Prof. education " Mordovian state Univ . N. p. Ogareva", philological faculty. ; organizing Committee: M. V. Mosin (contiguous) [and others].; Moscow; Saransk: PRO100 Media, 2013.

8. Gender dominants of the concept of "love" and ways of their representation (based on the material of the texts of V.Tokareva) // linguistic and cultural phenomena in a communicative space of a polyethnic region: Materials of I International scientific conference (Rostov-on-don, November 5-7, 2014) / Under total Ed. E. A. Zhukova, I. V. Kovtunenko, E. V. Maslakova, O. M Hololena ; Rostov-on-don: Izd-vo yufu, 2014. ; 1412 S. 608-611.

9. Means of representation of the gender dominants of the "gifted man" sub-concept in women's prose (based on the material of V. V.'s stories).Tokareva "Tree on the roof" and "Short hooters") / / Language as a system and activity; 5. Proceedings of the International scientific conference; southern Federal University. ; Rostov-on-don: southern Federal University Press, 2015.; 372 PP. 235-237.

10. Kholomeenko O. M., Kovtunenko I. V. Inverted constructions: structural and stylistic aspect (based on the material of texts of works by Z.Prilepina) / / Philological Sciences. Questions of theory and practice. 2016. N 11-3 (65). P. 112-115. (VAK)

11. Kholomeenko O. M., Ul'yanova T. V. Stylistic means to maintain the image of confidence and proactivity. // Proceedings of the IV International scientific conference "Stylistics today and tomorrow".; Moscow: f-t zhurn. MSU, 2016.; 639s.P. 570-573.

12. Kholomeenko O. M., Ivancha T. A. Use of influencing strategies and tactics in the blogosphere (on The example of Lena Miro's blog texts) / / collection "Scientific community of students of the XXI century. Humanities. Electronic collection of articles based on the materials of the LIII student international scientific and practical conference. 2017. Pp. 162-170.

13. Kholomeenko O. M., Kovtunenko I. V. international conference "Language and culture: international anthropology" (March 22-25, 2017). Philological science. 2017. N 2. Pp. 211-213. (VAK)

14. Gender dominants in "women's prose": features of language representation (based on the works of V. Tokareva). Monograph. Rostov-on-don, SFU, 2017.

15. Kholomeenko O. M., Kovtunenko I. V. Structural and semantic features of inverted constructions in a literary text (based on the material of texts by Z. Prilepina) / / Bulletin of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University. 2018. N 6. P. 32-39. (VAK)

16. Language means of implementing influencing communication strategies in media discourse: the issue of normativity // In the collection: media Rhetoric and modern communication culture: science-practice-training. Collection of articles of the XXII International scientific conference. Executive editor V. I. Annushkin. 2019. Pp. 205-211.


  • Russian language.
  • Russian as a foreign language
  • Stylistics and literary editing
  • Russian language and speech culture