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Alexander Alexandrowitch Egorov 


Institute of History and International Relations

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Degree: Doctor of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

Scientific interests

The Modern historyof Europe and America, problems of the British and French History in the end of 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries,Historyography of the Universal History.

Socio-economic and political processes in Western Europe in Modern times
Foreign policy and international relations of the European countries in Modern times
History and culture of France in the times of the Great Revolution and Napoleon s epoch

Problems of British history on the edge of XVIIIth and XIXth centuries

Research projects:

Doctor of History since 2002 on scientific specialization 07.00.03.Universal History (New and Modern History).The title of Associate Professor was received in 1995.
Professor of the Department of Foreign History and Inernational Relations.

List of the main scientific and methodological works

M.Robespierre about the english constitution and foreign policy of Great Britain //ISISS USSR Academy of Scienses 1987 N30140

Berlin s mission of the lord of Malmesbury (november 1793- april 1794)//ISISS USSR Academy of Scienses 1987 N 29398
The minister of napoleonic police Fouche // Novaya i noveishaya istoria (NINI) 1990 N 4
Joseph Fouche opportunist s career.Rostov-on-Don.1992 (monography)
General Marceau // Voprosy istorii.1993 N 4
Montagniard Philippe Lebas //Voprosy istorii. (VI)1995 N5-6
The embarresment of the allied forces.Secret Russian expedition to the Dutch shores in 1799 //Rodina 1996 N6
(Ret.)S,Lyandres.To the revision of the question of the "German s gold" of Bolshevics //Otechestvennaya istoria 1996 N5

(Ret.)N.A.Troitsky Alexandre I and Napoleon //NINI 1996 N4
A.C.Dzivelegov - historian art historian and teacher // VI 1998 N 8 (соauthor Cazarov S.S.)
(Ret.) M.M.Curiyev Duke of Wellington //NINI 1998 N4
Fouche. Rostov-on-Don 1998 (monography)
The Marshals of Napoleon. Rostov-on-Don 1998 (monography)

Alexey Carpovitch Dzivelegov (1875-1952) // NINI 2000 N 1 (coauthor Cazarov S.S.)
Pitt the Younger. Rostov-on-Don. 2001 (monography)
General Bernadotte in Vienna in 1798 // Franzuzcii ejegodnic 2000.Moscow 2000
The fall of the Grand Empire.The crash of the napoleonic regime in France in 1814 // Clio St.Petersburgh.2002 N4,2003 N 1

The British under the threat of Napoleon s landing in 1803 //NINI 2006 N 1
The History of state and law of foreign states.Ancient world.The textbook.Moscow 2016(coauthor Kovalyova O.A.)

William Pitt the Younger.1784-1806:decisive years. Rostov-on-Don 2017 (monography)

The Peace of Amien and its english critics // Severo-Cavcazsky Region 2017 N 4
The History of state and law of foreign states.Middle ages.The textbook.Rostov-on-Don 2017

The History of state and law of foreign countries.Modern times.The textbook.Rostov-on-Don 2018 (coauthor
Kovaliova O.A.)
The History of England.England in Ancient times and in the Middle Ages.The textbook.Rostov-on-Don 2018

Baron Hyde de Neuville.French Revolution:the look from the right //Vestnic Voronezschovo university 2019 N 2




  • The Modern History of Europe and America
    This course deals with the problems of the emergens development and decline of the bourgeois society from the English Revolution in the middle of the 17th century up to the end of The First World War in 1918 year.
  • The Historyography of the World History -
    In this course the principle attention directed to the most general and important stages of the progress in development of the historical thought from the Renaissence to the modern time.
  • The Universal History
    This course must give the outline of the most important processes in the history of Mankind from the Ancient World up to the contemporary times.