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Oleg Borisovich Ivanov 

+7(904) 500-35-20

Associate Professor

Institute of Philology, Journalism, and Intercultural Communication

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

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Research interests:

Philology, Philosophy, Culturology


  • Folklore
    The course is aimed at revealing the specifics and basic laws of the development of oral folk art as an organic and peculiar part of the general artistic culture of the people, studying the features of the folklore worldview, the nature of the existence of works of oral folk art and its genre system, developing the skills of an analytical approach to folk text taking into account its specific aesthetic nature.
  • The history of Russian literature of the XIX - XX centuries
    The course is aimed at studying the main stages in the development of Russian literature in Russia at the end of XIX; The first third of the XX, the identification of its genre and formal features, the formation of the notion of the literary epoch of the designated period, its aesthetic, culturological novelty in comparison with the preceding epoch; The course is designed to form students' idea of ​​changing the cultural paradigm in the literature of Russia, about the main directions, schools, methods; To analyze the phenomenon of the Silver Age of Russian literature, and also to trace the mechanisms of the formation and originality of Soviet literature in the 1920s-1930s.
  • Literature of Russian Abroad
    The course is aimed at acquainting students with creative biographies and basic works of writers of Russian emigration of three stages, characterizing their main groups, leading themes and genres, analyzing the poetic characteristics of their work; The course is intended to give students an idea of the literature of the Russian emigration as a single text consisting of the artistic and style diversity of Russian literature, which continues the tradition of literary development.
  • Russian literature for foreign students
    The course aims to reveal the features of the development of Russian literature, its folklore origins, its connection with the history of the state and society, the continuity and innovation of the work of Russian writers and poets of the 19th and 20th centuries, the properties of the literary process in modern Russia; The course is aimed at the formation of knowledge and skills of literary analysis, carried out in Russian in written and oral form, to develop the skills of monological and dialogical speech in Russian.
  • Analysis of artistic text in a foreign language audience
    The course is aimed at acquaintance of students with the system of cultural values, the moral potential of Russian society, reflected in artistic texts, the mastery of the methodology of pre-text, pretext and post-text work with an artistic work, mastering the methods of linguistic and cultural reading and analysis of artistic texts.