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Nina Konstantinovna Plugotarenko 

+7(863) 437-16-35

Head of the department

Institute of Nanotechnologies, Electronics and Equipment Engineering

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

Simulation of physical and chemical processes of  nanocomposite gas-sensitive material films formation based on polymeric matrices and study of its surface properties. Signal processing in gas analysis devices.

Research projects:

The contractor of scientific-research projects supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation:               

(2011) Research and development of microsystem multisensory devices for ecological and technological media monitoring;

(2012) Development of formation technology of nanostructured materials and hybrid sensor systems on its basis; 

(2014) Development of functional electronic elements based on composite metal-polymeric nanomaterials;

(2017) Development and creation of silicon-carbon functional thin-film materials doped with metal particles with varying electrical conductivity as a result of external influences used to create gas sensors and electrodes of supercapacitors

The leader of scientific-research work funded by the Southern Federal University

(2013) Development of functioning basics of high sensitive multisensory gas analyzer integrated into control systems.


  • Information technologies and modeling in the field of security.
    The objectives of the discipline are the development of modern computer technologies used in the field of technosphere safety and their application to solve practical problems. Content. Statistical and mathematical software systems in scientific research. Planning and processing of experimental results. Factor analysis. Multiple regression analysis. Nonlinear analysis. Modeling of nonlinear systems. Specialized software products for calculating standardized environmental indicators. Specialized software for calculating the risk of chemical hazards in an emergency. Specialized software products in the field of fire safety. Information technology in the field of industrial safety. The use of geographic information technologies to solve the problems of technosphere security