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Vyacheslav Valentinovich Orekhov 

+7(988) 583-20-49

+7(988) 583-20-49


Research Institute of Robotics and Process Automation

Senior lecturer

Institute of Radioengineering Systems and Control

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Research interests:

He was born on August 11, 1985, on the right bank of the river. Don in the town of Konstantinovsk, Rostov Region. There he graduated from high school N1, in parallel received an initial art education in the regional art school, the department of Fine Arts defended his graduation work: a series of works in the schedule. From an early age, he was interested in art, but most of all he was interested in and continues to be interested in architecture and its history.

In 2002, entered the Taganrog Radio Technical University, on the specialty "Graphic Design". After 6 years he defended his thesis on "Development of the corporate style of the tea" Cheshire cat. "The project was implemented.

Throughout his studies at the university he conducted research work in the field of specialization. He wrote articles, participated in full-time and correspondence scientific conferences. Since 2003 I took part in competitions of the Russian and international format. In 2003, he took 3rd place in the international design competition in nomination 2d illustration. From 2004 to 2013, the annual participation in the international design festival "Ferrodiz" in Zheleznovodsk. In 2008 he became a laureate of the festival with a thesis.

Since 2008 I work at ITA SFedU, senior lecturer at the department of IG and CD, I continue my scientific work in the field of graphic and industrial design.


- Orekhov VV, Barvenko V.I. Special drawing: educational-methodical manual. ; Taganrog: Publishing house SFU, 2017.; 84 p.


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Disciplines taught:

- descriptive geometry and engineering graphics
- computer animation, at the rate in 2011, issued a manual for students specializing in "Graphic Design"
- Dynamic Advertising Technologies
- Advertising technology

Research projects: