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Vladimir Georgievich Koshkid'ko 

+7(863) 437-17-33

Associate Professor

Institute of Radioengineering Systems and Control

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

Research in the field of electromagnetism and applied electrodynamics: electromagnetic wave scattering by impedance structures, impedance, slit and microstrip electrodynamic structures, microstrip antennas, and reactive load antennas. Microvave antennas and antenna arrays. The use of microwave CAD.


  • Informatics and information technologies (full-time and extramural studies)
    The academic discipline "Informatics and Information Technology" refers to the basic part of the cycle of professional disciplines and provides training on the basics of calculations using the programming systems MATLAB and MathCAD and their radio engineering applications.
  • Electrodynamics and propagation of radio waves (extramural studies)
    Discipline provides basic training on the theory of radiation and propagation of radio waves in various media
  • Electromagnetic fields and waves (extramural studies)
    Discipline provides basic training on the basics of the theory of the electromagnetic field and the theory of radiation of radio waves, studies methods for calculating radiating devices in telecommunication systems
  • Microwave devices and antennas (extramural studies)
    Antenna parameters, linear antennas, aperture antennas, antenna arrays, transmission lines and microwave devices
  • Basics of building antenna-feeder devices (extramural studies)
    Low-directional antennas, high-directivity antennas, gratings of low-directional radiators, feeder path devices