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Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kostjukov 

Associate Professor

Institute of Radioengineering Systems and Control


Research Institute of Robotics and Process Automation

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

Personal page in Russian:
Personal page in English:

Research interests:

Development of mathematical models of automated systems and mobile robotic systems, identification of parameters of mathematical models of robotic systems with the help of specialized software; synthesis control system such objects based on their mathematical models.

Research projects:

Project "Research of perspective wind power plants". 

Project  "Development of software for the identification of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic properties of the movable robotic objects".


  • Mathematical models of robots
    This course deals with the methods of drawing up mathematical models of robotic systems used to build their management systems.
  • Mathematical models of unmanned aerial vehicles
    This course discusses the features of synthesis of mathematical models of unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Mathematical models of robotic marine facilities
    In this course we study the synthesis of mathematical models of maritime objects.
  • Statistical dynamics of automatic systems
    During this course deals with the synthesis of autonomous and automated facilities management systems in the presence of random input actions, including the determination of the stability and accuracy of mining targets these systems under various types of interference.
  • Fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics
    The course involves the study of the basic concepts and theoretical electrical methods. Learn the basics of modern electronics, principles of construction and operation of its elemental components and a set of physical laws underlying them. There are considered the basic schematics for some types of electronic devices analog and digital technology.
  • Design of robots and robotic systems
    Studying the basics of designing robots and robotic systems, end-to-end design, using computer-aided design systems for developing robots, using mathematical modeling to select the structure of a mathematical model and identify its parameters,fundamentals of synthesis of control systems of designed robotic systems.