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Irina Viktorovna Korogodova 

+7(903) 485-44-03

Senior lecturer

Institute of Radioengineering Systems and Control

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Research interests:

Technologies of production of aircraft structures made of polymer composite materials

Research projects:

Unmanned aircraft complex for earth surface sensing (part of the technology of manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicle from polymer composite materials)


  • Technology of production of aviation equipment
    Purpose of learning: - analyze and evaluate production technologies during the design and build of aircraft for ensuring their reliability and security; - compile information obtained from different disciplines of aircraft profile and to place them in solving problems design and manufacturing of aircraft and equipment; - to give practical skills for the synthesis and analysis of structures advanced aircraft, taking into account their manufacturability. Tasks of the discipline "Technology of production of aviation equipment": - giving skills of project and research activities on the basis of system approach; - to learn to use and develop technological processes for the description and forecasting of project objectives; to teach effectively, to apply knowledge obtained in other disciplines, in solving technological problems.
  • Manufacture and repair of aircraft
    Goal of learning: gaining necessary knowledge about the main stages of production and repair of aircraft, as well as about the peculiarities of methodological approaches to the solution of engineering and scientific-practical problems of improving the technological processes of manufacturing and repair of aviation equipment.
  • Technology processing of aviation materials
    Purpose of learning: -to teach students the technological features of the processes of obtaining and processing materials; - to teach students grounded in the use of materials and the shape of the product, taking into account the requirements of manufacturability in the design; - to provide knowledge about the impact of technological methods of obtaining and processing of workpieces on the quality of the parts. - to acquaint with the organization of jobs their technical equipment and the placement of technological equipment; - to teach methods of control of observance of technological discipline; - to acquaint with the standards and typical methods of control, evaluation of product quality; to teach finishing operations and the development of technological processes in preparation of new products; - learn to develop technology of manufacturing parts of aircraft.
  • Operational manufacturability and reliability
    Purpose of learning: students can explore General methods and techniques to be followed in the design, manufacture, receiving, transportation and maintenance of aircraft products to maximize their efficiency in use as well as General methods of calculation of reliability. - to acquaint students with reliability and maintainability and the methods of their calculation; to teach to estimate the level of serviceability; - learn to assess the reliability of aviation equipment and is designed to develop methods for its improvement.
  • Technical diagnostics
    Purpose of learning: -acquisition of knowledge and development of skills in the field of control of technical condition of aircraft of civil aviation in the process of operation. - to give an idea about the organization of the processes of diagnostics of aviation equipment in civil aviation
  • Fundamentals of aircraft manufacture
    Purpose of learning: -to give students idea about the basics of organization of production and management; - solving issues related to the organization of production of new types of products; - increase efficiency, improve quality, labor productivity growth; - learn to organize the work of small collectives of performers; - to teach students to organize working places, equip them technologically and to post them on the technological equipment.