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Victor Sergeevich Klimin 

+7(863) 218-40-00 ext. 30135

+7(863) 437-19-40

Associate Professor

Academy for Engineering and Technologies


Southern Federal University


Academy for Engineering and Technologies

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Degree: Candidate of Sciences

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Research interests:

Carbon nanotubes, sorption and ionization gas sensors, vacuum microelectronics, devices based on carbon nanotubes, plasma processes of nanoelectronics, low-temperature plasma, plasma physics, obtaining graphene by the plasma method.

Research projects:



  • Plasma Nanotechnology
    Discipline considers special issues of micro- and nanotechnology technology and is a continuation of the discipline "Processes of micro- and nanotechnology", studied by students on the bachelor's program of the direction of 28.03.01 "Nanotechnologies and microsystem technology" in the 4th year of the 8th semester. Discipline allows students to get a full understanding of the possibilities of plasma processing methods in the technology of micro- and nanoelectronics. To study the discipline, you need to have a personal computer at the user level, knowledge of the physical foundations of micro- and nanoelectronics, and the design of integrated microcircuits and devices of microsystem technology. Knowledge, skills and skills acquired in the study of discipline, can be used to prepare the final qualifying work.
  • Materials Science of Nanostructured Materials
    Objectives of mastering the discipline (module): the formation of the basic concepts of the dimensional dependencies of physical, chemical, physical and mechanical properties of nanostructured materials and the possibilities of their practical application. Educational discipline "Material Science of Nanostructured Materials"; Obligatory general professional discipline, which is designed to reflect modern trends in nanostructured materials science, as well as highlight unresolved problems in this field. In terms of the formation of the scientific worldview of students, the study of discipline contributes to the formation of ideas about nanomaterials (nanostructured materials), the relationship between their composition, structure and properties. This course will also contribute to the formation of students in the scientific and material science worldview, as well as the education of the ability to assess their professional activities in the design and development of technological processes within the framework of the direction; Nanotechnology and microsystem technology.
  • Special issues of nanotechnology
    Discipline refers to disciplines at the choice of the student of the variable part of the professional cycle. Discipline expands and complements the knowledge and skills obtained as a result of studying the discipline "Plasma and ray processes of nanotechnology". For the study of discipline it is necessary to know the basics of plasma technology and the foundations of the theory of plasma physics. Knowledge, skills and skills acquired in the study of discipline, are necessary for further employment in the specialty, as well as for students entering graduate school. Students who attended the course "Special Issues of Nanotechnology" and successfully completed all practical assignments are able to work with most modern facilities in which plasmon-chemical methods are applied and etched. And they can realize themselves in the modern high-tech industry.