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Experimental Mutagenesis Laboratory


To conduct research, modern equipment is used, including those belonging to the Center for Biotechnology, Biomedicine and Environmental Monitoring of SFedU:

- MiniSpin centrifuge (Eppendorf, Germany);
- Centrifuge 5804R with cooling (Eppendorf, Germany);
- centrifuge 5424R with cooling (Eppendorf, Germany);
- microcentrifuge-vortex Microspin FV-2400 (Biosan, Latvia);
- Vortex Reax Top (Heidolph, Germany);
- Thermostat-shaker Termomixer Compact (Eppendorf, Germany);
- magnetic stirrer with heating MR Hei-Standart (Heidolph, Germany);
- Filtration and water purification system (Simplicity UV Millipore, USA);
- Vacuum concentrator 5301 (Eppendorf, Germany);
- Autoclave vertical automatic MLS-3020U (Sanyo, Japan).
- A set of biotechnological equipment for solid-phase fermentation of microorganisms;
- Vortex Sky Line V-3 (ELMI) for mixing samples and bacterial culture before testing.
- Thermostate TM-80 for the cultivation of strains at a constant temperature.
- Shaker-incubator ES-20 (Biosan) for the cultivation of strains at a constant temperature and aeration.
- Box of abacterial air medium BAVp-01- "Laminar-C" (Laminar systems, Russia);
- Box of the abacterial air medium (Faster, Italy);
- irradiator-recirculator "Dezar-5" (Kronte, Russia).
- fully equipped molecular genetic laboratory, including boxes of class II protection for DNA isolation, PCR boxes, Thermocyclers Gradient Palm-Cycler (Corbett Research, Australia), C1000 Touch (BioRad, USA), Thermocycler Rotor-Gene 6000 (Corbett Research, Australia) for PCR, real-time, an Eppendorf centrifuge (Germany), an automated system of high-throughput sequencing of a new generation of production MiSeqTMSystems the Illumina (USA), an automatic DNA analyzer ABI Prism 3130xl (Applied biosystems, USA) set of equipment for electrophoresis works, gel documentation system (BioRad, USA), and other accessories;
- fully equipped microscopic laboratory, including microtome UC26 (Leica, Germany), a light microscope Axioskop 40 FL (Carl Zeiss AG, Germany), an electron microscope Tecnai 12 (Phillips, Holland), and other related equipment.
- amino acid analyzer, Model L - 8800 (Hitachi, Ltd).
- quadrupole mass - spectrometer Nexion 300 D (Perkin Elmer, USA).