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International Faculty and Visiting Scholars

World-class basic and applied research

SFedUs goal is to become a national and global leader in science and technology. Publications in top scientific journals showcase our outstanding research results in all major research topics.

Based on research performance, the SFedU leading research fronts include:
✔ development of new catalytic materials for energy;
✔ soil science;
✔ development of functional materials for sensorics and photonics;
✔ development of control systems for robotic complexes, etc.

The university conducts breakthrough research promoting evidence-based approaches to major global problems. Among the ground-breaking research projects, carried out in 2021:
✔ Development of technology for detecting and recognising various substances in the air in real time;
✔ Economic impacts of soil degradation;
✔ Technique of spectral analysis of multicomponent systems based on machine learning;
✔ Third-generation sensitised solar cells with low cost of production;
✔ Anthropogenic impact on the bottom sediments of the Azov-Black Sea and Arctic basins;
✔ Development of autonomous motion control technology for ground-based robotic platforms.