IT-Management (ИТ-менеджмент)

Магистратура, Институт компьютерных технологий и информационной безопасности
09.04.01 Информатика и вычислительная техника
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  • Обучение на русском
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Кого и зачем учат по данной программе?

Nearly every modern organization today needs qualified IT managers - the demand of the labor market for such kind of specialists has grown for by 10% for last decade

Employers are looking for professionals who possess project management and problem- solving abilities to drive change and keep organizations running smoothly

The goal of the Master's program "IT Management" is to prepare qualified professionals with an interest in information technology (IT) and information systems who are looking to accelerate their careers. With their in-depth entrepreneurial and management skills, «IT management» graduates have excellent prospects in a wide range of careers including technology management, IT consulting, change or project management, and business analysi

Набор базовых дисциплин

  • "Psychology of personal resource management (5 credits)
  • CASE technology (5 credits)
  • Big Data technology (5 credits)
  • Cybersecurity (5 credits)
  • Software and Hardware for information systems (5 credits)
  • Professional and Academic Communication in Computer Science (12 credits)"

Набор базовых профильных дисциплин

  • Software requirements management (7 credits)
  • Risk management in IT-projects (5 credits)
  • IT-project management (5 credits)
  • Enterprise IT infrastructure (6 credits)
  • System integration and corporate information systems (7 credits)
  • Agile project management (6 credits)
Преимущества программы
  • US News and World report ranks IT Manager jobs as #3 in Best Technology Jobs in 2021 yr. Benefits of applying for "IT management" course in Southern Federal University:
  • Rooted in science: more than 20 years of research on IT
  • Proven in practice: Real IT companies as the partners of the program
  • Campus is located in one of the "IT-capitals" of Russia
  • • The curriculum combines core classes with electives to give you a strong foundation along with the freedom to pursue the courses that interest you
Что будет во время обучения?
The curriculum has been developed to get students ready to both business and IT backgrounds to meet current market needs for CIOs and other tech visionaries. Educational process on the program involves a group of the specialized disciplines and a project-oriented approach for the intensive mastering of the course. Project-based courses and hands-on learning opportunities help equip students to help organisations to solve complex business issues with advanced technology solutions.
Перспективы после выпуска?
The master's program is focused on training project managers in the field of information technology including: •candidates for leadership positions in the field of high technologies and IT, middle and senior managers; • project managers; • leading software developers (Senior developer); • IT project managers; • Internet project managers; • IT directors. The top industry adding the most IT manager jobs is the computer systems design services industry. The second industry contributing to the most IT manager jobs in the U.S. is the custom computer programming services industry, which includes companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., Unisys Corp, Oracle, and Fiserv. Depicted below, other industries that add to the IT management job demand include computer services, management offices, management consulting, and health insurance carriers.

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