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MeetUP: Sbertech Programmer's day will Be Held in SFedU


On December 12, Sbertech with the support and active participation of Southern Federal University will hold MeetUP: Sbertech Programmers day, where a huge number of topics will be discussed.

 As a part of the event, Sbertech will tell about:

1. Chat Bots and NLP with the use of Python and Java. Speaker Ivan Popandopoulo will deliver a speech on the implementation of chat bots in Sberbank, and on the possibilities of NLP and its development trends. In addition, he will share the experience of integrating @900 into the FRIEND project, and speak about how to use ready-made solutions.

2. Interaction of React Native and Web. Evgeny Cherenov's speech will be devoted to the methods of mobile applications interaction with web; he also will answer the question why one should be afraid of the browsers embedded in the applications. Besides, he will tell the audience how to use existing infrastructure in mobile development.

3. Implementation of logging mechanism in business critical-systems using Java. Speaker Sergey Usanin will explain how to implement detailed logging in an industrial system without affecting productivity.

4. Asynchronous programming in Python, cases in DevOps; MegaFon speaker Kirill Tabelsky will talk about ways to parallelize operations and how to apply them for high-load services. 

5. Alert systems using Python auto-testing. Anton Ivashchenko and Dmitry Gusakov from MegaFon will talk about the experience of creating tools for automatic testing of alert systems and about the event model of alert formation.

The event will be free of charge for all participants. All interested are welcome!

Registration: https://sberteh.timepad.ru/event/853979/

Time: December, 12 from 18:00 to 21:00

Place: the main building of SFedU.