The peculiarity of Southern Federal University lies in the fact that its faculties and residence halls are not centralized. SFedU faculties are located in two cities — Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog, and therefore SFedU has got two campuses. Most of the residence halls belong to either of the two SFedU campuses.

Rostov Campus is located in the Western District of Rostov-on-Don nearby the faculties and research institutes dealing with technical and natural sciences, such as the SFedU Faculty of Chemistry or the SFedU Research Institute of  Physics. (SFedU faculties dealing with humanities are situated downtown, in a few locations in central Rostov.) The campus occupies an impressive territory and contains 1 five-storeyed and 5 nine-storeyed residence halls accommodating over 2,400 students. However, this is not enough for the Uniersity’s increasing student body.


Currently, the campus is undergoing vast expansion. Quite a number of residential halls are under construction as part of the ambitious development project that was launched in 2010.

A brand-new  students’ cafeteria was opened in June 2012.


Taganrog Campus in the city of Taganrog also occupies a significant territory and consists of 7 residence halls.

Every international student, either in Rostov-on-Don or in Taganrog, is provided with accommodation at the university residence halls. There are double rooms for 2 and 3 persons available.