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69Dear Friends !

Greetings to all Southern Federal University international visitors. On behalf of the entire staff of International Relations Office, let us extend a warm welcome to the University, the city of Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov Region.

Southern Federal University is the largest centre of education, science and culture in the south of Russia. SFedU has 2 campuses in Rostov and Taganrog. Total Number of Students is around 35,000, Academic & Research staff is about 4,000.

The University is a vast complex comprising scientific-research institutes and faculties, a Botanic Garden, an extensive scientific library, special scientific training bases at the foothills of the Caucasus and on the Black seashore. The detailed information about SFedU you can easily find at the University website: .

SFedU has well-established international links with universities and partner organization from more than 50 countries. Our interna­tional outlook is strongly expressed in active collaboration with international foundations and programs.

Please feel welcome to contact and visit the International Relations Office at Bolshaya Sadovaya Str.,105, offices 410, 408 phone/ Fax +7 (863) 201 98 19 or 218 40 24, e-mail: and the Center for International Students at Zorge Str.,5, office 103, phone +7 (863) 222-68-12, e-mail:

Our hours are 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The staff who will become important resource and help for you:

Elena Fedotova, Director, International Relations Office

(SFedU international cooperation key issues)

Phone +7 (863) 201 98 19

Elena Ryabenkaya, Head of the Department

(SFedU – interuniversity cooperation key issues)

Phone +7 (863) 218-40-24

Alla Batchenko, Head, International Projects and Programs Department

(SFedU international grants, mobility programs)

Phone +7 (863) 218 40 57

Irina Savchenkova, Director, Center for International Students

Phone +7 (863) 222-68-12


Galina Bigunenko , Expert
+7 (863) 218 40 24 (visa and migration issues)

About the Place

Rostov Region plays one of the most important geopolitical roles in Russia due to its position, connecting countries located in the Black and Caspian Seas areas. The occupied territory equals to that of Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark taken together.

The Region ranks 5 in Russia in terms of a number of the population.

The population of the Region is 4,24 million people. It is represented by more than 100 nationalities. Among them are Russians, Ukrainians, Armenians, Belorussians, Tartars, Greeks, Turks, Georgians, Jews, and Germans.

The region occupies the area of 100,8 thousand sq. km, of which 84,7% are agricultural, 2,8% — forests, 3,4% — water basins, and 9,1% — other. The capital of the Region is the city of Rostov-on-Don .

The climate is moderately continental.

In January an average temperature rangers from 8.8 degrees below zero in the North-Eastern part to 4.8 degrees below zero in the South-Western part of the Region.

In July it ranges from 21.7 degrees above zero in the North-Eastern part to 24.4 degrees above zero in the South-Western part of the Region.

The main waterway of the Region is the Don river. Its length equals to 1,870 km.

Land is the main treasure of the Region, of which the black soil constitutes 64,2%, brown soil – 26,6%, and the meadow and marsh soil of river basins equals to 8%.

Main natural resources are coal, natural gas, raw materials for building industry, and non-ferrous for metallurgy.

Main industries of the Regional economy are :

—          machine building and metal – processing;

—          food industry;

—          electric energy;

—          ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy;

—          chemicals and petrochemicals;

—          agricultural production and processing;

—          light industry;

—          construction materials.


(Airports, Railway and Bus Stations, Local Transportation)

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It is easy to get to Rostov from the capital city of Moscow and back. A flight lasts one hour and a half. Flights are held to and from Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo airports.

There are also direct flights from Europe by Czech Airlines, Аeroflot, UTair and Turkish Airlines.

The city Airport is located close to the downtown. It will take you 15 min by bus to get there. The bus stop is right in front of the airport building. Or may take a taxi. We strongly recommend not taking private cars to get to the city.

Information on the status of departing and arriving flights to/from Rostov-on-Don Airport is displayed on the online information board located in the landside area of the domestic and international sectors.

For information, please, apply to the Information Desk located in the domestic sector of the terminal or contact: 8-800-1000-333,

The Central Railway Station is located also in the downtown. It is easy to get there by public transport (buses or trolleys) that goes along Bolshaya Sadovaya Street with a sign in Russian «ГлавныйЖ/Двокзал».

Information Service of the Central Railway Station 8 (800) 775-00-00

If you are interested to take intercity bus, please contact the Bus Information Service Operator at

7 (863) 205-41-41 from 6.00am to 23.00pmor go directly to the bus terminal at Siversa Str., 1 (opposite to Central Railway Station).


The in-city public transportation system is well developed. There are no schedules and carrier vehicles arrive rather often. Schemes inside show the routes. Passengers get on the bus through the front door paying in cash to the driver at the beginning of the ride and get off the bus through the other doors.

Visa Information

Visas are form of entry permit issued by one country for the citizens of another. If you need a visa to travel to Southern Federal University in Russia you have to provide us with a copy of your passport and some personal information to obtain the letter of invitation first. As a rule it takes around one month for us to receive such a paper at the local Migration Service. Please note that usually you need the official original letter of invitation to go to a Consulate of Russian Federation to get your Russian visa.


Lawful Status

Local Passports and Visas Service expects you to learn and understand the requirements and benefits of your visa status, to meet those requirements and to maintain status at all times while in Russia. You also have the responsibility to inform the International Relations Office or the Center for Interaction with International Students of any changes in your staying that might affect the status of your visa. Special staff is available at the University to help you understand your visa responsibilities.

Important Information for Arriving Foreign Citizens


Health Care

All visitors coming to Russia are to purchase the mandatory health insurance license before crossing the borders of the Russian Federation in accordance with the Federal Law №114-FZ On the Procedure for Exit from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation (ed. March, 12, 2015).

In case of emergency, please contact the medical ambulance service at 03. It’s free of charge.

Money, Banks, Credit Cards Services

b8462d55The official Russian currency is Rouble (rubl’). One rouble = 100 kopeks. For exact rates you can use the online currency converter at

While traveling to Russia it’s better to have at least some cash just enough for initial expenses (transport, accommodation, food) and the rest part can be on your card. If you’re going to small towns, cruises, tours or to the countryside, it’s better to take cash only, because you might have problems cashing the cards. Cash is used rather often than cards. It’s better if the cash is in US dollars or Euros, because that’s the currency you’ll be able to change everywhere in Rostov and in Russia.
For all your payment we recommend you to use VISA or MASTER CARD, also you may use them while paying in the campus canteen. Cards might work well if you want to pay for something at big stores and hotels. There’re many ATMs.

But please, make sure you have some Russian cash so that you can pay for public transport, taxi and in kiosks or small shops (because not all of them have equipment for that).

Housing (Hotels, Dorm, Apartment Rent)

 Your choice of a place to live is one of the most important decisions you will make. There are several options for a long- and short-term visitors. Traditionally, foreign guests who come for a period of small duration prefer to stay at the following hotels :

“Don-Plaza” at Bolshaya Sadovaya Str., 115, Rostov-on-Don, , Phone of reservation bureau +7 (863) 263-90-52

“Marins Park Hotel” at Budionnovsky Prospect., 59, Rostov-on-Don, , Phone of reservation bureau +7 (863) 290-76-66

“Amaks” at Prospect M.Nagibina, 19, Rostov-on-Don, +7 (863) 231-87-40

These hotels are situated rather close to the University buildings and provide all the necessary visa registrations.

Students’ Dorms are within walking distance of natural sciences university departments and 30 minutes by bus from downtown. There are no meal plans available at the dormitories, so students do their own cooking in community kitchenettes or eat at the local cafeterias.

Off-university housing . Apartments and rooms for rent are listed in the local newspapers or are available through the local real estate offices. If you chose this housing option, keep in mind that it needs additional conditions to get visa registration.


The Don Region is famous for its unique beauty of the southern Russian nature and various places of interest: 22 museums offer their expositions, there are 7 theatres, concert halls and the Zoo in the city. Some of the contact information:

Rostov State Opera and Ballet
Rostov Regional Youth’s Theatre
The Rostov Academic Drama Theater of Gorkiy
Rostov Museum of Visual Arts
Rostov Museum of Regional studies
State Public Library
Philharmonic Hall


In the city phone numbers have 7-digits. The area code of Rostov is 863. Many companies provide cellular communication services in the region:





Tele2        and the others

The Post Offices                                                                                

The Central Post office is situated in downtown at Sokolova, 63

(344000, Главпочтамт, пр. Соколова, 63б (ул. Лермонтовская, 116)

Phone: +7 863 227-59-44

Express mail services are offered by different companies. Some of these in Rostov-on-Don:

PONY Express
+on the map

Sobornybystreet, 66 a (пер. Соборный, 66а)
+7 863 308-17-17

Pony Express
+on the map

Business Center «Гвардейский», 7 floor
Dolomanovsky bystreet, 70d (Доломановскийпер., 70Д)
+7 800 100-76-69

City express
+on the map

KirovskyProspect, 73/197G (Кировский пр., 73/197Г)
+7 863 288-96-67

+on the map

Office 201
Voroshilovsky Prospect, 46/176 (Ворошиловскийпр., 46/176 )
+7 863 235-35-53

Where to Shop


Many stores here have “self-service” system. Items you select are taken to a checkout counter, where the cashier collects money for your purchases and issues a sales receipt. There are many grocery stores, markets and supermarkets everywhere in the city that can be simply found. Paying cash is the easiest way to make purchases in small stores, paying by credit card is the best way for supermarkets.

University Services

The University’s ID allows you the access to all regular university services and library materials.

SFedU Campus is provided with all necessary facilities to make your stay comfortable.

You are welcome to visit a canteen that serves home cuisine (8:00 am – 8:00 pm).

Also there is a self-service laundry in each student hostel building. For those who wish to keep fit you will find a gym at Zorge, 21 equipped with basic machines opened for visitors since 17:00-19:00 pm.

If you prefer to do sports outdoors you are welcome to use our sports ground with facilities for volleyball, football, ping pong etc.

In case you need some medical assistance, we kindly request you to visit our first-aid post (Zorge, 21, campus area). SFedU has libraries all around Rostov and you can find one in the campus too.

Important Numbers

Rostov area code                                 863

However, some nearby cities have other area codes

To call abroad it is necessary to dial 8 — 10 before country and area code, and phone number

International Relations Office           218-40-24

Center for International Students    222-68-12

Medical Ambulance                             03

Police                                                      02

Fire Emergency                                    01

Taxi (orders)                                         207-55-55, 247-61-57

Airport inforservice                             8 (800) 1000-333

Information Service of the

Central Railway Station                     8 (800) 775-00-00