International Projects


2011-2014  ICARUS Internationalized Curricula Advancement at Russian Universities in the Southern region

2011-2014  PROSET Promoting Sustainable Excellence in Testing and Assessment of English

2009-2012  MERCURY Towards Research and Entrepreneurial University models in the Russian, Ukrainian and Moldavian Higher Education

2009-2012  Master programme in Land Information System and Administration

2009-2012 Postgraduate Training Network in Biotechnology of Neurosciences BioN

2006-2010  TRIP Transition to interdisciplinary programs at SFedU

As a result of this programme, SFedU Interdisciplinary Institute for Humanities Education was founded:

2008-2011 Création de 4 «Ecoles Hôteliéres Supérieures d’Application (ESHA)


 7 Framework Programme

2011-2014  Multibody Advanced Airship for Transport»

2012-2016 A multipple scattering computing platform for(nano) materials 

2012-2015 «Innovative nondestructive testing and advanced composite repair of pipelines with volumetric surface defects-INNOPIPES»



2011 EUSR EU Centre in the South West of Russia