Doctors Honoris Causa

The list of Honorary Doctors at Southern Federal University (former Rostov State University) includes world-famous writers, scientists, public figures and statesmen:

  • academicians I.P. Pavlov, A.A. Samarsky, Yu.D.Tretyakov, K.V.Frolov (Russia);
  • writer C.P. Snow (Britain);
  • Nobel Prize Winners M.A. Sholokhov and A.I. Solzhenitsin (Russia);
  • university rectors Albert Klein (Dortmund, Germany),
  • Maksymilian Pazdan (University of Silesia, Poland),
  • V.A. Sadovnitchy (Moscow State University, Russia),
  • V.V.Skopenko (Kiev State University, Ukraine);
  • university Chancellor Klaus Anderbrugge (Munster, Germany);
  • university Secretary Peter West (Strathclyde University, Britain);
  • professor Steven Smile, Field Prize Winner (Hong-Kong);
  • university professor Hildegard Spraul (Saarland, Germany);
  • publisher Martin Hoeger (Hoeger Publishing House, Germany);
  • chairman (1997-2003) of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation M.V. Baglay, (Russia);
  • professor Adolf Zschunke (Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany);
  • professor Robert Guglielmetti (Marseilles, France);
  • the world-famous scientist, explorer and traveler Thor Heyerdahl (Norway); V.N.Soyfer — director of Molecular Genetics Laboratory (G.Mason University, USA);
  • academician S.M.Aldoshin — director of the Institute of Organic Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia);
  • A.S.Batouyev — head of the Chair at St Petersburg State University;
  • Alan Roy Katritzky — director of the Heterocyclic Compounds Centre (University of Florida, USA);
  • Richard Wife — director of R&D Centre («Specs and Biospecs» company, the Netherlands);
  • academician Mechislav Monkosha — director of the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)
  • Dr. Jean-Claude Micheau, Professor of Paul Sabatier University (the University of Toulouse), Director of Research at the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS), (France)
  • Dr. Diego Sales Marquez, Rector of the University of Cadiz, (Spain)
  • Shi Zhong-Ci, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chairman of Academic Committee, the State Key Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing (LSEC), Chairman of Academic Committee, the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing (ICMSEC), (China)
  • Professor Anatoly Gorish, Academician of the Academy of Engineering Science and the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics by K.E. Tsiolkovsky
  • Dr. Juan Manuel Marcos, Rector of Universidad del Norte (University of North, Paraguay)