International Office

International Office was set up to facilitate and coordinate international partnership, as well as student and staff mobility at Southern Federal University. International Office consists of:

  • Department for International Cooperation Development
  • Centre for International Programs and Projects 

Office works in close collaboration with the

  • Centre for International Students (including the following units: Department of  Russian Language for International Students, Preparatory Department for International Students, Centre for Testing Russian as a Foreign Language, Division of Credential Evaluation)

Elena I. Fedotova

Director of International Office
+7 (863) 201 98 19

International Activities Support Department

The Department performs the following functions:

  • making arrangements and preparing invitations to welcome professors, researchers and delegations from abroad
  • assisting the outgoing mobility of SFedU faculty and students
  • assisting SFedU faculty and students in preparing applications for international grants and scholarships
  • coordination of partnership with a number of universities worldwide, such as Saarland University and others
  • coordination of international accreditation of SFedU study programmes


  • providing all the required services to meet and welcome visitors from abroad
  • coordinating the agreements with partner universities (starting from their signing and up to their implementation)
  • coordinating the international career development programmes for SFedU staff
  • promoting cooperation and contacts with international SFedU alumni
  • maintaining the international versions of SFedU website
  • coordinating the production of advertising materials in foreign languages

Address: SFedU Campus in Rostov-on-Don, Office 410,  105/42 Bolshaya Sadovaya Str.

Elena Ryabenkaya, Head of the Department
+7 (863) 218 40 24 Ext. 10-615

Lina Dudnikova, Specialist
+7 (863) 218 40 24 Ext. 10-618

Ksenia Brekunova, Specialist
+7 (863) 218 40 24 Ext. 10-613

Centre for International Projects and Programmes

search of international partners and sources for research funding at SFedU through the system of international grants, state and private funds
The Centre offers the following services:

  • coordination of student exchange programmes
  • organization of training and internship for SFedU staff abroad and for international partners at SFedU
  • collection and systematization of information about potential international partners
  • collection of data on research results and products in main research fields and by SFedU leading researchers; consultation on grant applications
  • coordination of partnership between SFedU and ECIU, as well as other international university associations
  • development of contracts with European universities on organization of programmes in the sphere of academic mobility
  • development of international educational projects

Address: SFedU Campus in Rostov-on-Don, Office 408,  105/42 Bolshaya Sadovaya Str.

Alla Batchenko, Director for International Projects and Programmes
+ 7 (863) 218 40 57 Ext. 10-603

Kristina Voloshchenko, Exchange Programmes Coordinator
+7 (863) 218 40 57 Ext. 10-611

Ekaterina Anpilova, International Relations Coordinator
+7 (863) 218 40 24 Ext. 10-620


Center for Interaction with International Students