Recognition of Foreign Education

SFedU has a right to carry out in the prescribed manner the recognition of foreign higher education and (or) qualification independently, in order to organize admission to study at SFedU, and access to implementation in SFedU professional activities of persons with foreign education and (or) qualification.

Students who are willing to apply further to Bachelor’s and Master’s program should undergo the procedure of foreign education Recognition

Recognition...For the documents expertise the applicant (holder of foreign education documents) provides to Centre for Interaction with Foreign Students the following documents:

1. Application (ссылканаЗаявление)

2. The original certificate of education and the original annexes legalized in the prescribed manner;

3. A copy of the identity document (card) of the applicant;

4. If necessary – other documents which are additional evidence of relevant training of foreign documents holder, including documents confirming the fact of training and receipt of the document on education, and the availability of licenses and (or) accredited educational program, and (or) organization that issued the certificate of education.

All documents provided, along with their translation into Russian, should be notarized.

In some cases (in the absence of certain documents, and other relevant information) documents expertise is carried out in two stages, i.e., conducted primary and complete expertise.

Complete expertise is carried out by experts of the Centre for Interaction with Foreign Students within 15 working days. If necessary, the timing of the expertise can be extended to 30 days (in case of queries to foreign educational institutions).

The examination is free of charge.

If any questions with the recognition, contact the Centre for Interaction with Foreign Students

The contact person: Olga Goryanskaya,

Address: Str. Sorge, 5 (the building of the Faculty of Physics), office 103

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